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  1. Lately i've been playing an Apex protocol campaign and one thing interested me. Most of the important dialogues aren't placed in chat, but they are white text at the middle of the bottom of the screen. Is it possible for me to do this by myself in editor somehow?
  2. So - my main problem creating any kind of MP Missions is that my triggers or simple scripts just work different on MP. For example: Lets say that Unit1 and Unit2 are the players. All i want to do is spawn them on the airport, let them take the weapons and all the stuff and then, when they are ready, let leader choose the action on whiteboard object which will teleport them to the car on different part of the map. I place both units on the airport, car somewhere else, make them as playable, then put somewhere whiteboard object. In the init tab of the whiteboard i put: this addAction ["Teleport", {_null = execVM "TP1.sqf"}; Then in my TP1.sqf i put only something like that: Unit1 moveInCargo Car1; Unit2 moveInCargo Car2; skipTime -2; And when i try to test it (On SP or alone on local server) it works great. Then, when i play it with my friend it only teleport the player, who has interacted with the whiteboard. I guess im just stupid, but i can't get my mates to help me testing every little thing i create, so im looking for some help.
  3. Thank you very much, that's huge. And last one thing - can I just put that into a trigger, or do I have to create a .sqf file, then make it like: if (isDedicated) then { "hello" remoteExec ["hint", -2];} ; and then execute that file?
  4. And then, if I want this hint to be visible for everyone, i have to do it the long way by remoteExec, right?
  5. That pretty much explains everything, but i'm worried about that little piece: As far as I understand it - every little command i want to execute globally has to be defined in Description.ext? That sounds a little bit goofy and awkward. Even when I create simple mission like go from A to B and destroy C in the meantime, there are tons of functions and commands And at the end, is there any tutorial that sums up where and how should I execute specified commands, or i just have to find it out by myself?