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  1. So I've placed laptops in editor and in attributes they have a path for custom textures. I've set one to test if it works and it does in SP. In MP however, only I can see it, my friend cannot. Here is an example, left one is standart, right one has a custom picture. My friend sees them as identical, not even a black screen on the right one. Picture is a jpg in C:\Users\Myusername\Documents\Arma 3\mpmissions\mymissionname\Textures No initfield setObjectTexture or anything. So... does it not work like this and do I make it work then? http://ipic.su/img/img7/fs/a3.1510502138.jpg
  2. A Guy With A gun

    Laptop screen texture

    Ok, we'll do that tomorrow.
  3. A Guy With A gun

    Laptop screen texture

    Heh... what I'm doing is trying with all my might not to get TOO frustrated because of all the little things that don't work properly, nor ever really explained, and break with every other update. But it's way too hard, even after about five years of making small missions to play with my few friends. I've cursed the day that I first got this raggity excuse of a "game". Otherwise I'm fine, now that I know how to show the pictures to everyone on the server.
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    Laptop screen texture

    Well kind of yes, my friend now can see the picture too, now that we have the same thing in Arma\MPMissions. So I don't need setObjectTextureGlobal anymore. I've always assumed that whoever joins the server, gets all the nessesary files with mission.sqm, init.sqf and whatnot. Guess I was wrong or maybe it's just us. Thx anyway.
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    Laptop screen texture

    HazJ, that got me an idea to send the mission to my friend and now it shows pictures how I wanted. Even without setObjectTextureGlobal or setObjectTexture, just by typing the path in the laptop attributes. I guess it's the same thing really. But only if it's in Arma\MPMissions, not the Documents\Arma 3\mpmissions... Maybe thats an obvious thing, just wasn't ever specified. So I guess thx for responses.
  6. A Guy With A gun

    Laptop screen texture

    HazJ, oh it should. But somehow it doesn't. It changes to the pic, i can see it. But others can't, they just see that regular laptop screen.
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    Laptop screen texture

    SerbiX8, doen't work. setObjectTextureGlobal doesn't work either. The only reaction I got from it is that I can change colour if I put RGB in it, then my friend can see it too. But if it's my pic - no.