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    loop break when countside is used.

    Hi, @Muzzleflash and @pierremgi , thank you two very much for your help and answering all my questions I had realy good. Didn´t expacted that it would be this way good and information like according how mad some people are most time getting while in game... XD^^ So again Thanks you all and well this Topic is done. Greetings Silentsands
  2. silentsands

    loop break when countside is used.

    Hi, thank you all very much. I will look later soon on your script and try to implement it. So at last I do have to start to use extra seperated files and work outside and inside of the arma 3 editor IDE. Stuff I don´t like butt well, seems like i do have to do that to get it all work as I would like to have. edit trigger ==> tab out arma 3 and start seperated text-editor. write some script... ==> TAB back to arma 3 and insert script. loong live the need of multiple programms to get one thing going. :( i also wanted to avoid it becouse i read allot of it to avoid it as much as possible to write seperated scripts outside of the arma 3 editor. So the server get´s some more performance. Also it means now for me to learn another script language. Well. to answer your questions about how I test my scenario. I Host localy a Multiplayer server and test it on it with AIs. Seems like I need to find also someone to test with me my scenario. So yes, I might report soon if your script worked well for me and also if i need some more help from you great people. thanks to you all. Greetings Silentsands. EDIT: Hi again. @Muzzleflash i have added and integrated your script successfully and now i have some questions about it. I do see that in the conditions there stands 0 = [thisTrigger, "area_marker"] call compile preProcessFile "TriggerArea.sqf"; false but why is there a 0 = ? And last, why false? In the scriptfile there is also something what i don´t get it right now. // Find new color for marker private _colors = ["ColorGrey", "ColorGuer", "ColorWest", "ColorEast"]; private _sides = [resistance, west, east]; private _newColor = _colors select ((_sides find _newSide)+1); private _marker = _trigger getVariable ["Marker", ""]; _marker setMarkerColor _newColor; why is there at private _newColor = _colors select ((_sides find _newSide)+1); a "+1" on the end? Greetings Silentsands
  3. silentsands

    loop break when countside is used.

    hi, at first a big thanks for that tip. @pierremgi Now I had made for testing just a little map with only one trigger wehere i was WEST and had two RESISTANCE in the Trigger area. Well I come to an interessting point. If I Only use " ( (west countSide thislist) > (resistance countSide thislist) )" and when the trigger gets aktivated it just gives back a - hint "VICTORY"; - and if i leave or die, the trigger gets Deaktivated and gives back - hint "Loose"; - Well, aktually it happened nothing. Nothing when i killed all resistance or when i died. It looks like the side "RESISTANCE" is not the correkt name for the independent. I also used independent or even guar instead of resistance in the script and still nothing happened. but if i replace the - resistance - part in my code with - east - . It works! So how can I make even the independent in my scenario beeing registered when I want to test out who side counts more in a area? Greetings Silentsands
  4. Hi there, I have a problem with my loop of a trigger. as shown in this image. I use a game logic as a loop restarter for this trigger named "widerstand_counter_area_re_altivierer" which is set to "true". When I run now into that area or already respawned in it. it fires just one time and is than only again triggered when i leave and reenter the area of this trigger. Well if I delite the "AND (resistance countSide thislist) > (west countSide thislist) or (resistance countSide thislist) > (east countSide thislist)" my trigger is looped every second while I am in it also re entering activates the loop well. But now it does not controll anymore which side have now the controll of that area of the trigger. What I would like to have is 1. only living player in the area can hold/activate area/trigger. 2. let the trigger area only be controlled by the restistance when there are more (for example) restinance in it than from any other side (west; east). 3. let the counter and hint loop as long as the trigger is activated. ( widerstand_counter = widerstand_counter + 1 ; hint format ["Widerstand Punkte %1 von 100", widerstand_counter]; ) 4. When there are form the given side enough players in the area the area_marker should change its own color to for example green/guer and change to the other color of the other side when there are more of em or change to gray if there are non in the area. I hope you have all necessary informations to maybe help me out, and sorry for my probbaly bad english. Greetings Silentsands.