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  1. jedi_warrior

    Better AI in campaign mode

    Well, when I say they don't fullfill orders then it means they do not fullfill orders - that simple. I just tell them to "Go here" and they don't go without any fire from enemy or they go in a completely oposite way. I run JSRS sound mode and CBA3 mod which have nothing to do with AI.
  2. jedi_warrior

    Better AI in campaign mode

    Thanx but I am not asking for advise how to use AI. My point is that AI does not listen to orders. I was referring to campaign AI and there is not much equipment that you can give to them. The problem I have with this is that I feel like I "fight" with my AI more than with the enemy AI because they seem so "dumb".
  3. Hi, I have just started campaign mode and reached to the point where I am supposed to take the lead of small suad. The issue is that the default AI in the campaign mode are very, very bad: they do not listen to orders, they do completely oposite to what I tell them to do, they freeze, get stuck at repeating some words all the time, they won't advance, they won't fire a launcher even if I put a soldier right ahead of an enemy vehicle, it will just stay and star and wait to get killed ,in fact they are an absolute bullshit. I have no fun in this game because of this. Is there a way to replace those AI with a mod in the campaign mode?