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  1. Sorry but maybe I'm just slow. I still don't understand. So if it determines that the value is less than 8 what does it return? i.e. does it wait until the return value WILL BE greater than 8 before returning?
  2. I looked this command up in the wiki and it gave two examples. I don't understand the second example: _inGame = getClientStateNumber > 8; I thought it simply returns a value. I understand _ingame = getClientStateNumber but what does the "> 8" do?
  3. That was a head scratcher for me also but I finally came to that conclusion. I wish that there was a definitive book outlining all of the intricacies of mission programming for Arma but thank god there are so many people willing to share their knowledge or I would be sunk.
  4. I used createVehicle to place a uns_tripwire_punj2 (Unsung Mod). It created the trap but when I walked over it, it did not trigger. Do I need to place and then somehow arm traps? Thanks
  5. Thanks, I'll give it a shot. UPDATE: It worked! Thanks. (So much to learn...)
  6. activePlayers is a global variable. I should have mentioned that. activePlayers = [] call BIS_fnc_listPlayers;
  7. UPDATE: I changed from using the createUnit to using the BIS_fnc_spawnGroup function but no joy. Then I thought maybe I was setting the scene before the Arma mission could properly initialize so as a test I put a 10 sec delay before spawning the unit. That worked but obviously not a good solution. At the beginning of my init.sqf file I do have: waituntil {!isnil "bis_fnc_init"}; Is there a proper way to wait for all the mission stuff to initialize when running on a dedicated server? Why doesn't this problem pop up when I run the mission from my PC?
  8. In the mission I'm working on I spawn a zippo and AI unit for each player. When I run the mission on my PC it's all good but when tested on a dedicated server the AI that I group to each player turns out as a floating disembodied head with floating arms. BTW I spawn many units but only the ones I group to the players come out without legs and torso. One more thing and I don't know if it's important but the head and arms are bare. (No helmet and no shirt/armor) I'm at a loss and am almost ready to give up on multiplayer missions. It's always something... Always... Any Ideas what could cause this. I really have no clue where to even start looking. Here is the code that spawns the opening scene: if(!isServer) exitWith {}; private _playerCount = count activePlayers; for "_c" from 1 to _playerCount do { private _pos = []; private _dir = 0; private _unitPos = []; switch (_c) do { case 1: { _pos = [9090.05,7411.64,0]; _dir = 268.824; _unitPos = [9091.51,7409.89,0]; // direction for all units is: 181.759 }; case 2: { _pos = [9102.89,7409.81,0]; _dir = 279.820; _unitPos = [9103.71,7408.25,0]; }; case 3: { _pos = [9110.54,7407.27,0]; _dir = 279.820; _unitPos = [9111.25,7405.63,0]; }; case 4: { _pos = [9118.3,7405.51,0]; _dir = 279.820; _unitPos = [9118.9,7403.93,0]; }; }; private _zippo = "uns_M132" createVehicle _pos; _zippo setDir _dir; _zippo addMagazineCargoGlobal ["APERSBoundingMine_Range_Mag",30]; zippoArray pushBack _zippo; private _group = createGroup[west,true]; private _unit = _group createUnit["uns_US_2MI_DRV", _unitPos, [], 0, "FORM"]; private _index = _c - 1; private _player = activePlayers select _index; [_unit] joinSilent _player; }; private _handle = [] execVM "scripts\common\getBldgList.sqf"; waitUntil{scriptDone _handle}; [] execVM "scripts\setupRiverAmbushes.sqf"; private _mortarCount = (floor random 6) + 3; _handle = [_mortarCount] execVM "scripts\spawnEnemyMortar.sqf"; waitUntil{scriptDone _handle}; [] execVM "scripts\spawn25thInf.sqf";
  9. On my next mission I wish to have the players lay down a mine field as a task. Specifically, I have loaded 30 APERSBoundingMine_Range_Mag into a vehicle and I want the players to place at least 20 mines within a 50 meter area that I marked on the map. How do I get a count of the mines that have been deployed within that area. obviously I don't want to count the mines that have not been deployed. Thanks.
  10. Thanks again pierremgi, you are a fountain of information! Strange that I couldn't load the APERSBoundingMine which is also an asset from the Unsung mod.
  11. I spawned a zippo (uns_M132) from the Unsung mod. I want to add some bouncing Bettys (APERSBoundingMine) into the cargo area. I have tried: _zippo addItemCargoGlobal ["APERSBoundingMine", 30]; and _zippo addWeaponCargoGlobal ["APERSBoundingMine", 30]; and _zippo addMagazineCargoGlobal ["APERSBoundingMine", 30]; but nothing works. I put down one of the mines and used the config viewer and found: configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> "APERSBoundingMine" So it's classified as a vehicle?? How do I load these "vehicles" into my zippo vehicles?? Thanks
  12. Thanks pierremgi. You are correct that I am using the assets from the Unsung mod. I think what you are saying is that this behavior would be best left to the mod's Dev team. I agree but I don't think it will happen which is strange because from what I have read the Vietcong were not stupid. They hit and faded back into the jungle trying to lead their pursuers into traps etc. They generally didn't launch major attacks unless they felt that they had overwhelming force. I'll look for an Unsung forum. This issue must have been brought up more than once. Thanks again.
  13. In the mission I'm working on, which is set in Vietnam, I wish to make the Vietcong use the hit and run tactics they actually used. To do this I need the AI to understand that attacking a Zippo when all they have are rifles will probably not work out. I need for them run away from fights that they have no chance to win. Is there a function that will return the relative threat level of two groups? Not just rifles against armored vehicles but also small light vehicles against vehicles that totally out class them (Jeep against tank, etc) Thanks.