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    Hi all, I'm struggling with the "Steam authentication failed" error on my HC. I've tried every single thing I could find on the web but have not been able to resolve the issue. Do I need to have 2 seperate copies of the game on 2 seperate steam accounts for the HC to work properly? I was trying to run off of the server.exe but no matter how many times I check my IP addresses and make sure battleyeLicence=1. I can't get the HC to stay connected. I'm running the HC on a virtual machine on the same box as the server is being run on. I'm using the IP given to me when using ipconfig inside of the VM, as well as the local IP of the server. I've been using TADST, but using a seperate config and batch file hasn't rendered any results either. I'm at a complete loss unless I need to have 2 copies of the game for this to work. Thanks in advance.