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  1. Blade_Six_One

    Hello, I'm a "cheater"!

    djotacon, here is something that might give you some "possibilities" into the accusations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oxu2YQ29CLA
  2. Blade_Six_One

    Bullets from the sky?!?

    Dumb question but are you sure it was "hacking" I say that because I also got huge LAG issues last night (6-7 seconds delay between action and reaction time).
  3. Is it possible to make 8k + points for one game of LINK? Assuming you control M all 3 games 100% of the time and you kill about 40 players total and you did not die once. What score does it give you approx? edit: yes, I know about this below: Airdrop capture: 200 Kill: 50 No death round: 200 Enemy Node #2 disrupt: 100 Node #2 capture: 100 MAIN node control (per tick) 40 Match Won: 800 It just doesn't seem to add up to 8k pts.
  4. Sounds a bit odd but there were some hacking software going around the internet few months back. With all the new game updates, can we confirm if any of them are still active or BE actually took care of them? Here are examples (I know you all saw it but still): - - Please tell me BE took care of them...and some more.
  5. Blade_Six_One

    Combat Patrol

    I agree Eric but my comment was in regard to having AI "responding" to a player depending on the player LVL. That is what I thought Damag3d meant to say at least.
  6. Blade_Six_One

    Combat Patrol

    Until ARGO fixes the level issues within the player pool, i don't think it can work. Imagine you are LVL 1 going against AI and then a LVL 25 start shooting at the same target. What kind of level should apply to the AI at that point? note: the level issues I am talking about is allowing any players, regardless of their level, play against each others. To make it fair and enjoyable, players should only be able to join servers where you compete against other players near your LVL. For example if I am LVL 10, I should be able to only join server with LVL 8 to LVL 12 players. Now if you are telling me killing a LVL 25 gives you more points than a LVL 5, that is a different story ;)
  7. Blade_Six_One

    Hello, I'm a "cheater"!

    Well, lets be blunt here: ARGO really suck! .... I am not sure what went wrong with the development but from my point of you, the bad optimization makes you think that somebody cheated. IIRSII , I played with and against you and I must admit, I sometime wonder. To be fair, I don't honestly know when the game came out but when you see 27k under your stats while the closest one is at 24k , you start to wonder....which I did. First thing first, ARGO screwed up by allowing whatever LVL players to play against whatever LVL. A LVL 25 playing against a LVL 1 will ALWAYS have bad result. Not only do you have better gear and guns but you also have an ARMOR!, against a dude with a Tshirt. So yes, players could argue that your face is not shielded but your chances to get headshot are not as easy as shooting players wherever you want. So what ARGO should have done? They should have done like World of tank where you can compete between 2-3 LVL. So a LVL 5 might play versus a LVL 3 or a LVL 7 but that is it. That way, it gives chance for all players to enjoy. on ARGO, I barely played a week and I am already tired of going against LVL 25s. so imagine the LVL 1 trying for the first time?! Heck, no wonder why there are more than 30000 players but the servers are all empty. Second thing. The game is so badly optimized that a player with a bad connection (PING or else) will ALWAYS have the feeling that someone is cheating. How many time did I get shot while there is actually nobody around me or how many times I killed someone like if I was shielded. Not saying it is caused by the connection but it definitely makes players wonder. In simple words, a guy playing at 100fps will have an upper hand over the guy at 30fps in a duel. While we can say it is something the developer can't control, it is still something not attracting players into the game. Battlefield or even Cod don't have such flagrant issues with LAG, FPS and what not. So yeh, i am trying REAL hard to enjoy the game and concept but it is just not doable right now and I hope the future updates will address that kind of issues. P.s. ||RS|| , did you really play 500 hours already? How did you get to LVL 25 with 27k kills so fast? That gives you 54 kills per hour...non-stop.