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  1. Just reopened minidayz app on ios after a couple weeks of taking a break from it and now all my character unlocks have been reset, not sure if this is intended with a recent update to the app or if i have encountered a glitch. Very frustrating considering it will take probably another 30 hours or more to get back where i was at with only one more character needing to be unlocked. Just wanted to see if anyone else is having this issue.
  2. Head Hunter Rengar

    What do I do at night

    During night time there are a few strategy's that you can do to. My personal choice is to find food to grow and survive the night (on veteran difficulty) but usually it takes 2-3 tries to get it right or get lucky enough to get food quickly and start growing it as night is falling. If you are playing on easier difficulties where the food and water consumption is a lot slower you can do a run and gun strategy and go town to town and move to another when you start running out of food or water and camp inside of houses to keep your heat up and recover health that you might loose while looting. But if its too hard to see what your doing and avoid enemy's in the recent update for mobile devices (on october1st) there is a new perk that allows you to see better during the night cycle and that might help with your sight problem. For long term survival if you plan on not changing islands anytime soon its best to make a garden with zucchini if you find one (they give the best food and water stats out of all the plants) and have a few bell peppers and tomatoes growing so that you can take a few for exploring because they can stack up to 3, unlike zucchini. Iv had the best success with the farming strategy and if things start going bad while the plants are still going ill try and explore a close town for whatever i need to survive the night. By the end of day 2 or early day 3 you should have enough crops growing to the point where you can store extra inside a near by house and make a food pile and have around 10-15 crops growing at the same time. Just keep in mind that if you do alot of exploring that your items on the ground can despawn if u go too far and/or stay away too long. so always carry 1 or 2 plants on you if you have the space so that if your food pile is gone when you get back that u can regrow your garden or use them as food while your other crops finish growing.