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    User Mission Request Thread

    i would like to get a working copy of invade and annex apex edition mission file by Quiksilver ..... it seems to be the best MilSim i have played. the public is missing out on this great mission that is only run on one server. if you havent played it you should because it is what most are asking for. this ::: "Fiddling around today in the preview I came across an Invade and Annex mission on Tanoa with a good ping. What the heck, I'll join. Wow!. Most interesting update to I&A that I have never seen so it must be fresh off the presses for Apex. Play for a bit, go to steam cache to check things out, find the mission and load it up. No joy, doesnt work. Ok, maybe it's dedicated only. Fire up the spare box and host it on a dedicated. Still doesn't work. Are there mission formats that makers can use now that make missions vulture proof? I'd love to host this one up for a smaller group as servers with 50+ people can get messy, uncoordinated and toxic when the trolls come out to play. Doesn't seem that I can, though. Perhaps some mission pro here can either explain what it takes to host up this game or if it is indeed a protected mission that I cannot do anything with except join the server it is "officially" hosted on. Note: it appears to be a new version of I&A for Tanoa by Quiksilver. Not a modded version but something entirely new. Mission PBO is very strange. Has a description.ext and a mission.sqf but no init.sqf or the other files typically in a mission root. ​Note 2: Quiksilver himself confirmed that the mission is server locked for the moment so this thread is dead. Looking forward to playing Tanoa with Invade and Annex and many more." ::: was a year or so ago but still no complete mission files. hope to see it available soon so more people can enjoy this game played as a mil-sim should be