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    Low FPS

    Just tried that, no improvements in the fps.
  2. rocketman120

    Low FPS

    I'm on 64-bit, set CPU count to 8, and set the video memory limit to the maximum. Haven't changed anythign in the NVIDIA panel, so I'll give it a try.
  3. rocketman120

    Low FPS

    I play zeus, end game, and combat patrol on official MP servers with a ping between 30 and 70. In single player, I get 30 - 40 fps consistently, with levels sometimes as high as 50 fps.
  4. rocketman120

    Low FPS

    Hey SWTX, Google isn't letting me load that guide, it's trapped behind a captcha wall that keeps timing out. Anzu, As for task manager, I turn off all other applications save Steam when playing the game, I tried disabling Windows Security and fps went up by ~5. Not sure how to do the other things you've said though.
  5. rocketman120

    Low FPS

    Bought the game a while back and have been playing it on and off a bit, but the FPS frequently drops to a range of 10 - 20 when playing online. It was originally only ~15, but after searching for some fixes online I've managed to get it to ~20. Does anyone have tips? I've turned graphics settings low, and did the recommended editing of the Arma3.cfg file. Specs are as follows: Intel i7-6700k CPU @ 4.00 Ghz 16 GB RAM GTX 1080 Any help would be greatly appreciated.