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  1. Clipsos

    How to get better

    If you are using a controller.... you know why everyone is telling to don't play FPS with a controller.....
  2. Clipsos

    Ask us anything!

    Can i ask something about it? What kind of people use a controller in a FPS game? I'll tell you some argument to don't use a controller on a FPS on a computer....: - Shitty AIM because there is'nt an aim helper like mostly FPS such as CoD on PS3/XBox ... - shitty reaction delay because of the sensibility.... or shitty aim because of the sensibility (if this last is too low or too high) the good balance doesn't exist with a controller. - too few keybinding possible so you get too many combination of keys. So..... for you own sake just buy a good mouse and try the best way of playing a FPS.... Mouse and keyboard.... Or....wait and see if they choose to allow you to use and customize the settings of your XBox controller....
  3. Clipsos

    Level design feedback

    Some Level design fails.... 2 on Airfields Hangars (RAID) : - a container in the ground - a vehicle flying and one on AA site (RAID): - sandbags flying making possible to hit people by shooting under those
  4. Do you mean when you hold your mouse button it don't react as intended? Maybe you should try to manage your aim control settings since the game have actually two ways of aiming: - by just pressing once your right mouse button to enable/ disable the aim - by holding the button as longer as you want to aim