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    JBAD Release Thread

    Hello, sorry for the double post. We have found the solution. The server doesn't found the files because some buildings are present on CUP TP and Jbad. So if we take the jbad building, the server crash. If we take the CUP Building, the server is ok. Cordially,
  2. ChouCha

    JBAD Release Thread

    Hello guys, Sorry for my bad english i'm french.. So.. I have a problem with my mission and with Jbad. I have create my mission and i have placed jbad building on it. My mission is good when i test on local (multiplayer server). But When i launch the mission in my dedicated server, i have several problem: Logs File: https://hastebin.com/sogawinibu.scala Script for turn on the serveur arma III: http://puu.sh/wUNe6/c28b05fcd9.txt I have same version of mod in my dedicated server and my computer. Cordially,