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  1. still cant get the server to run.... well it runs, and i can join it, but cant get the round to actually start.
  2. thank you Shane, i have a question about how to change or edit those loadouts... can i add silencers, etc.??? those scripts work,as far as changing the loadouts. but i couldnt get the round to load. i rebooted without those two scripts, and now i cannot get the combat patrol to actually start. we get to the start point vote, and it counts down to zero, and respawns are disabled. tickets say unlimited. config is exactly as above.... ideas?
  3. well this game is going no where fast. five days and no answer to a simple question.... fuck it. looks like theres noone playing this game anyway... uninstalling...
  4. i also can now suddenly not connect to bohemia interactive servers. it does however recognize if if use the wrong password.. verified the integrity of my local files..... not sure whats up.. have waited like several days for an answer to my server question.... i got a whole gang of Marines ready to jump on this, but im not sure the support is there....
  5. im having an intermittent issue once the server has been running for a while, where i get the same screen as CanuckBrian where theres no place to spawn, but i still have plenty of tickets left. a reboot fixes it... also, i cannot use any of my unlocked weapons or equipment on our server...