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  1. Seems like this is what is happening, we are getting "timed out" for tks, but the system is not taking into consideration the accidental nature of tks in this game. The only tks I have are from crossfire, or actually having people follow me around and step in front of me when firing (trolling as it were). How is this fair to players? Love the game, but not being able to play due to no fault of my own is a little extreme this early in the launch. In an effort to not only provide problem but solution, perhaps a rework of the tk system. Server side configurable as to the allowances. Limit the amount of TKs per server instead of per game. 3 TKs and youre removed from server. 24 hour total reaches 10 tks and you're "timed out" for 2 hours with notification and time-stamp. Habitual tks >20 in a 24 hours period gets a 24 hour time out. More than 2x 24 hour time outs in a week =ban Perhaps implement a punishment system like other games have. Let the community police the actions, most accidental tks are remedied by a simple "Sorry" in game and we move forward. If the dead wish to punish then simply suicide the offender and move on. The points are a great deturrent for tks, I think the point system currently accurately reflects the tk affect on the game.
  2. Hi Team, Game crashed, and now I get the unable to connect to servers message. Verified game cache. Changed password. Still no-go. In Game name: Lph0tekL Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. pho