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  1. Won't ban you for your stats Then goes on to say bans you for your stats lol. The "Suspension" you get not a ban, is for 1 hour when it comes to the TK suspension. Edit - And yes, I've been watching my TK's even more now, and i have not had the issue yet. xD
  2. Ingame name - ChronicReign Getting the msg "Unable to connect to the Bohemia Interactive Servers" everytime i log in, i was playing fine for awhile then after a game, we pick a map go into it, i got no loadouts, so i finish that map, when i d/c it logs me out and tells me "Unable to connect to the Bohemia Interactive Servers" Edit - Reading you're response's to other problems of the same issue. You say it could of been something to do with a ban. I know right before i had this happen, i had 2 or 3 games where i went 10-0 in raid and around there, so maybe battleeye thought i was cheating? this is the 3rd time i've had this happen now. Edit - It's happened to me atleast 5 times just today now, I'll spawn in with shit guns, after match server crashes, i turn to -1 lvl, when i go to main menu logs me out and can't get in for about an hour. Then when i do get on, its about 10 games then repeat. Edit - Would love a reponse from the dev's explaining what they are doing to fix this stupid issue...
  3. I'm really getting tired of only being able to play like 8 games and having this shit happen, is there any updates on whats going on with everyone its getting rather annoying to have to wait 2 hours to play again.
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    Walls destruction

    I mean Argo it's self, i follow Arma and its updates for sure. But it seems this response was more towards Arma. I'm wanting to know about Argo and if they have future plans with this 5v5 close combat style games, maybe making it into competitive gaming of some sort, or was this just a test and is it at its full potential right now?
  5. When a Dev tell's me that, i'll believe it. I'm trying to figure it why it keeps happening, and it seems to be after games of raid where i dont die but get over 10+ kills, so to me it is worth mentioning. Thanks for the input though, But i'll wait for the Dev's to answer.
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    Walls destruction

    Should we expect anything for the future with this game or what it is, is what it's staying?
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    server problem

    Mine to, ChronicReign
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