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  1. So few days ago I downloaded a map mod and activated it in-game. So then I didn't want to immediately restart, but I wanted to play the game. And after about 2-3 hours of playing it I restarted the game to see what map was like. Then I noticed it wasnt activated, so I enabled it and restarted the game. And it still wasn't activated. And after 5 times of restarting the game I gave up. I didnt want to play the map anymore. So the next day I wanted to disable some mods to see if too many mods activated were the problem. So I disabled few mods and restarted the game. I went to expansions to see if they were disabled and they were still enabled. And I know I could add parameters but I can't because there's too much mods and I know I could merge them into one piece but again I dont want to cause problems and there are few mods that I want to use separately. I tried using launcher but I cant launch the game. I searched about it but I couldn't find any answers so I was hoping someone could help me out here. I could use mods before but now I cant. Please help. EDIT: Now parameters wont work properly. The first three mods work but the 4th one has half of it's name in-game as mod (@Faces of War mod in game folder and parameters but in-game as mod @Faces). 2nd EDIT: And now I cant even go into full screen mode. It's stuck in windowed mode and cant get back into full screen. So I guess reinstall is gonna happen. Cant believe that one little map can screw up my whole game.
  2. I'll try that later (can't right now because I'm downloading another mod).
  3. It's just the Huey. Placed Ghosthawk from vanilla game and it flew normally (flew to the insertion, unloaded the squad and flew away). Placed the Chocktaw and it also worked. But when I placed the Huey, it flew just a little bit faster than yesterday and a little lower, and unloaded the squad to the ground (didn't paradrop squad). I tested this on empty mission, that might be why Huey unloaded instead of paradropping units.
  4. So basically I made a mission about destroying VC caches in villages. It's not a perfect mission you know like with briefing etc its just a basic mission with just waypoints and units. I've placed a squad in an base and set myself as demolitions, so I created a get in waypoint for my whole squad and a load for a Huey that was on helipad and synced them both. So everything goes smoothly after that, my whole squad gets into Huey, and Huey takes off. And thats where the problems begin, Huey takes off to some 200 m height and proceeds to fly very slowly (something between hovering and real flying) and then eventually comes to insertion point and hovers over insertion and gets to height of like 800m- 1 km and stops. My whole squad just begins jumping out of the helicopter and acts like they're parachuting (but they've got no parachutes). I eventually remade the mission of my squad just starting on the insertion point and helicopter just flying off. But I really want to make it happen like we're in the chopper and chopper takes us to the insertion.
  5. Im having a problem with ai helicopters, I've set them to take off and to load a squad but when they fly they fly slowly and go 1 km up in the air and then start landing. Same has happened when trying to make a insertion, they go again 1 km up then drop to like 500 meters and stop and my whole squad just jumps from the helicopter and starts parachuting. If you know how to fix this please reply. This is happening on Da Krong map, haven't tried on other maps.