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    Hi all I saw this question was already answered and probably BIS doesn't want Argo to interfere with Arma but I see so much potential in Argo doing some Red Orchestra style gameplay. I'll be free to repeat my steam post as here is probably more appropriate to ask. Clash 10vs10 20vs20, even 40vs40 with respawns. Terrains are large enough. Just make larger objective radius. Why not? Yes we have Arma for that but Argo is supposed to be separate game? Don't get me wrong but Arma has became more of a modding development platform than game. It's spectacular but it's easy to get lost with sheer amount of Arma content. In my experience, after finishing Arma sp campaign I went browsing servers. First shock was some zombie civilians. Then more survivalist playgrounds. Then some island exploration. At that time I join KOTH server and thought here we go but after 2 heli crashes and 3rd successful 5km driving to objective comes instant snipe shot. 30 hours passed and I can easily see how hundreds more will come. Then I buy DLCs but did not touch them since Argo come out. So is answer still NO WAY :)
  2. Dear BIS In your newsletter link to AppStore leads to Google Play! On iPhone? Please treat Apple platforms with more respect. Thanks