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  1. Hey, I've just recently set up a Unit for the first time. I've clicked the "Connect my Bohemia Account to my Steam Account" on the Launcher, it takes me to the bistudio.com page but there is no confirmation that they are linked after I log in. I click the "my accounts are already connected, refresh his page", but still nothing happens. Some help here please.
  2. KingPr4wn

    Jets DLC in-game promt

    Anyone? Game is is unplayable at the moment. :(
  3. KingPr4wn

    Jets DLC in-game promt

    Hey, I'm relatively new to ARMA 3. Started playing some KOTH and I keep getting a "LSHIFT+P" to get the Jets DLC in game, windows kept popping on the crosshair to make me buy it, really annoying. So I bought it yesterday through Steam just to get the reminders off the screen, but the promts are still in game. Is there something I need to do to get the game to recognize that I have the DLC that it's promting me to buy? I saw something about verifying the cache through Steam, I have no idea what or how to do that. Any help is appreciated.