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    2017.. SLI support?

    I have an i7 OC to 5.0 GHz and a 1070 and running a three head monitor set up and get around the 40FPS mark in KOTH gameplay. If I drop down to only one monitor or change game video setting I don't get and appreciable increase in FPS so remain happy with my set up. 60FPS for multiplayer is a dream.
  2. Poppacapnurass

    Freetrack, opentrack, FTnoir and Battleye

    Using TRACKIR 5 here for solo and multiplayer. Works fine and I don't notice any FPS drops
  3. Poppacapnurass

    Steam Controller

    Hi Ze Tropa, I have had the Steam Controller for about 9 months now and been playing A3 and many other games with it for all that time, on a daily basis. Though I do use the keyboard for some A3 activities, I almost exclusively use the controller and the usability, freedom and controll it affords is excelllent. Get the Armagerd profile off steam for it too. Free and may take a little to learn but has every binding you are ever going to need for infantry or vehicle.
  4. Poppacapnurass

    Max speed of Jets

    Hi all, I've been enjoying some of the jets scenarios and hoping to find some more good ones to download on the Workshop. Having a X52 HOTAS Pro has been excellent. I'm using the throttle set as analogue. When flying, I only seem to get up to about 600-700km/h (off memory) in any jet as max speed and was hoping for a lot more. Also, jets seem to be a bit slow on acceleration and I was hoping for an afterburner. Does an afterburner or additional thrust mechanism exist in the available Jets ??
  5. Hi all, I have a Saitek / Logitech X52 PRO HOTAS and have programmed it up to work quite successfully. When driving vehicles I note that on the Arma 3 Keyboard Layout there is a an increase thrust key (LShift = Increase Thrust). As this key corresponds to both land and air vehicles, I would to incorporate it into my X52 PRO bindings as my current accelerator doesn't appear to have this function incorporated. Other than using up a dedicated button on my HOTAS, can I bind it to the forward acceleration in some way? What have other HOTAS users done to access LShift = Increase Thrust?