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  1. Just wanted to tell the developers thanks for the kickass game. I'm having too much fun! I have some ideas and other stuff to report (tho I'm sure others have already brought them up!) I haven't played Mini on a browser before so I don't know if these will be totally out of the realm of possibility but I think it'd be fun to implement a few more RPG-y kind of elements, such as: 1. Naming our characters! I know they're meant to die, but it'd help immerse me even further into the game. 2. A base building mechanic. I know you can lay fences and barbed wire and bear traps and stuff, but I'm always down for some settlement building and management. 3. Party building. Would be cool to recruit friendly survivors and build a team. They should have names too! I haven't come across any friendlies myself yet so I'm not sure if we can already do this. 4. Maybe a fast forward mechanic so I don't have to sit through the night? I could hog flares but I'd rather save room for food and water. And some bugs/crashing problems. IDK how programming and development works so this may not be helpful, but it seems like certain events will trigger a crash for me. So far it's happened after I've torn a t-shirt, planted a tomato, etc. It happens less frequently when I'm just running around. Anyway -- thanks again for your work! Game is super fun. PS If you haven't already, check out the minidayz subreddit. Not super active but there's some discussion and troubleshooting happening there too!