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  1. Magar

    New mode Feedback

    About my feedback I aware that they wont do much about ARGO cuz its only a way to advertise ARMA BUT! It could be fun to make bigger map and ofc more cities in clash... cuz right now its not so much of a tactical team based game Cuz u get 5 randoms map is small action is fast (2 min round sometimes more)so its hard do say its tactical now.... I am fanboy of EVO in arma arma 2 and arma 3 patrol ops and Invade Annex (ofc PR MOD <3) And its amazing how u need to prepare and think how to approach enemy base or area and i dont see this in ARGO Its like COD in Arma
  2. Magar

    New mode Feedback

    Clash is super but the fact that its only 5 min and u are forced to atack 1 point or def it ruin a bit a tactical option... If clash for example take longer and u could take every poin u want its could be great too Remmeber like u say its simmilar to bf but u likeit more OFC! right now we are out of option cuz everything was in past in other games So we can use but improve it to be more ARGO style the BETTER style
  3. Magar

    New mode Feedback

    Hello all Argo players ! Last week we played Argo with friends and like in every brainstorm we shoot ideas What do u thing about adding "conquest" "large conquest" Its simple game mode like in almost every bigger shooter we would get a bit larger map with bigger distance between point and plays 16x16 for example To add more tactical envoirment becouse right now we have small maps realy CQB distance and 5v5 and sometimes its look more like playing CS than battle simulator I hope ARGO is normal standalone project and i dont get answers like buy arma 3
  4. Magar

    Anything new?

    But roadmap is easiet way to find anything new about game... mayby i dont try enough to find it on my own
  5. Magar

    Anything new?

    Hmm mayby u are but i cant dig forum for every news... U should do something easier like " "Official" twitter/Facebook/Steam announcements ! " Or even on a website there is no "plans" or anything
  6. Magar


    i hope they will do something with Argo cuz now its cool but feels like marly demo of Arma instead of standalone game on arma engine
  7. Magar


    Does Argo implement new features ? like ranking match or more game modes?
  8. Magar

    Anything new?

    I see low population on forum and 0 news from devs does Argo lost interest in Bohemia ?
  9. Q about cores how many of them argo use? and how to force it to use all