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  1. GhettoGrill

    protection vests

    I had 100k before buying the lvl 2 vest, but it shows 1mill now ! :) Could maybe have been me misreading it ! I apologize if thats the case !
  2. GhettoGrill

    Vest Refunds !

    edit, i had 100k creds, but could buy a 200k vest anyway ? :/ Creds seems bugged !
  3. GhettoGrill

    Vest Refunds !

    Before the update, ive used alot of my credits on different vests, and therefor im low on Credits, but removing all the vests, without giving people even 1 vest or the credits to buy it seems a bit harsh ? So now i have to grind all over , at lvl 25, just to get a new vest?
  4. GhettoGrill

    protection vests

    I have this problem too ! So people who bought vests just lost their credits ? Ive bought 4 different ones, so thats 800k creds out the window !?
  5. GhettoGrill

    People putting "Guest" in their name

    Thats not what i asked or said at all :) I know lvl 25 abyss protestion or whatever aint a guest, but after he put guest in his name, id say its pretty confusing for new players / Guests ?
  6. GhettoGrill

    HUD Options ! White Crosshair

    Hip firing is 100% accurate :D Just as accurate as scoping :) you should really try a crosshair and see :D Hip spraying is worse i guess, but who sprays :D
  7. GhettoGrill

    HUD Options ! White Crosshair

    And on easy mode, which they say got merched with normal mode, and that HUD would be selectable, guess the crosshair is dead ! Ill just turn on my screen dot then, and have a huge advantage lol
  8. GhettoGrill

    HUD Options ! White Crosshair

    White crosshair on the screen for when you arent scoping, if it isnt in the game, i can just turn it on in my screen, but just wanted the ingame because i was used to that ! Sry again
  9. Not saying its a problem for me, but i guess for new players it can be frustating thinking its a guests , when really its a lvl 25 heavy armor and Mk18 Dont get why people do it, but seems to be a trend !
  10. GhettoGrill

    HUD Options ! White Crosshair

    That didnt do it ! Because markers above your teammaes doesnt ? Markers on the objectives doesnt ? If realistic is what you are going for, this last patch screwed it up xD
  11. Cant find the option for this ! Is it completely gone? Because imo that would be weird, seeing some screens can do Crosshairs, so having it ingame evens that out !
  12. GhettoGrill

    Bring back easy/normal modes

    I couldnt even find where you edit the hud :D
  13. GhettoGrill

    Just wondering !

    Where am i whiny? Im asking a question im wondering about, and you bring your toxicness? so if anybody is whinning.....
  14. GhettoGrill

    Just wondering !

    http://prntscr.com/g3taj1 That thread was locked so couldnt reply, but why is cookie saying a roadmap is not for this game? https://www.projectargo.net/roadmap But they got a roadmap ? :D And where are the monthly updates that are mentioned ive played since steam release and ive seen no major Fixes/updates?
  15. GhettoGrill

    Player using bug

    Really doesnt feel like that, when the same people do it day in and day out, but honestly i aint even playing anymore, it gets so frustating being killed by glitch abusers who know they wont be punished ! Even people ive uploaded videos off are still not banned !