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    Earn Money for better weapons

    i have played different games ( the official payed server, the blue ones for free and the white ones custom), i kill and medic people and this should make more AC but it doesn't. anyone knows on which server we can make AC?
  2. Yoki23

    Earn Money for better weapons

    yes, tks a lot exactly this is what i meant. sry for my bad language/english:) and how can you earn the AC (Argo Currency)? in every game you are or just in some of them?
  3. how can i get new weapon or money or what they call it for access to sniper mashine guns etc. which gamescategory is giving us the best points to get better weapons. tks
  4. Yes of course I know there is arma 3 i already have it, but it's too complicated, i couldnt find any multiplayer server where i could just join and game. i always spawn at a place without weapons or vehicle.
  5. hey guys what about more players on the same map? the maps are so big, could be even bigger for me, to use also helicopters and other vehicles and more weapons, i would even pay for a weapons pack.