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  1. Straight Forward Gaming - Arma 2 Island Life Role-Play ___________________________________________ Hello! My name is Tristen, but I go by Zelon within the community. I am a Senior Administrator on a new custom made Arma 2 IL Role-play server. Here at SFG, we take pride in our work, so we created a fully custom mission file and topped it off with custom textures and assets. Our server is based off role-play, which means you can be whatever you want! You could be a Police Officer, or a Farmer, or even a Criminal! All of this is possible on our server. Below are some more of the cool features we've added into our server, along with some contact information and how to find our server! Hope you enjoy! ___________________________________________ Features: Better Optimization - We have optimized both our mission file, and our server boxes together for maximum performance and stability. Which means less lag and more playing! Custom Textures - Our Development team has been hard at work on new textures and skins for all of the vehicles and outfits on our server. Custom Scripts - To enhance the role-play experience of our players, we've created customized scripts and functions within the server that will allow you to do things that just aren't possible on other servers. We are truly unique. But that's just a few of the amazing features we have, and have on the way for the server! ___________________________________________ I, on behalf of SFG, hope you come check us out and enjoy your new, better, role-play experience. ___________________________________________ Join us on Steam http://steamcommunity.com/groups/straightforwardgaming ___________________________________________ Chat with us in TeamSpeak Come On Our Website: Work In Progress. The Website On The Banner Doesn't Currently Work ___________________________________________