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    Torpedoes are broken

    The main problem of the game is the torpedo that explodes after being released from the blanket, which prevents the player from finishing the campaign, I already tried to install the 1.6 and 1.7 patch, but the executable sends the following message: the game Was not found, or is corrupted, etc ..., could you send the patch files 1.6 and 1.7, without the executable (I do not use the steam version), I will not reinstall the game again, carrier command gaea mission, is A game with a big universe, a huge planet, and that deserves a continuation, as well as more missions, more vehicles, more ships, more carriers, more weapons, etc ... This game (like the STALKER series) deserves a sequel, the carrier command is a game that fits into the genre open world, strategy, and RPG. There are a lot of things left in the game, I found the campaign half-mouth, with a lot missing, and the bugs screwed on the game, as soon as I started the campaign I loved the game, it's very addictive, but when I got the final mission, the damn torpedo Exploded and destroyed my blanket, and to complete I won a mission fail. I HOPE THE 2 PATCHES ARCHIVES WILL BE SENT TO ME THROUGH EMAIL (WITHOUT EXECUTABLE) EASIER TO COPY AND NECKLACE) Removing the: bugs, half-mouth campaign, lack of vehicles in the game, lack of good weapons in the game, lack of carriers in the game, and lack of customization in previous items, the game is good, I speak from experience , THAT GAME HAS EVERYTHING TO MAKE SUCCESS, IF HE'S WELL WORKED, I'd throw him on my desktop PC, but he does not run the carrier command, I'm throwing him on my notebook, if that game has a fucking campaign and everything I I said earlier, I will not connect if the graphics are bad, if I run with 512 MB of VRAM at 60 FPS, and with less than 4 GB of Ram, it's great. PS: That's the tip.