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  1. Hello, Mr. wld427 I am ARMA 3 user living in Korea. We were first impressed with your add-on and would like to help you calculate the value of your Add-On aircraft, PhysX, even though you have no experience. If you want to contact me, I will be watching AM 09:00 to AM 1:00 in Seoul, so I would appreciate it if you contact my ARMA Forum PM or sundryh@naver.com

    1. wld427


      I have plenty of experience..... i just need help as this is an overwhelming task right now. 



      What experience do you have?


       Right now i do not need any more testers. I need workers who would be involved with editing. 

  2. I wonder what the current mod work state is. Are you still testing? I am waiting for the completion of this mod and I support it.

  3. i send your pm. sorry.