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  1. Bitchmaker

    Skip waypoint/ Radio Alpha trigger not working

    I get nothing. Perhaps its the WW2 mods I am using. Ill load up vanilla and give it a test. Thanks very much for your help. Much appreciated!!
  2. Bitchmaker

    Skip waypoint/ Radio Alpha trigger not working

    Thanks barodsy, but as I said all that does is cause the the landing craft to immediately move to the way point ignoring the radio alpha completely. Both ways (waypoint set to 'hold' or 'move') seems to ignore radio alpha, so I tried a trigger which required a player to move into the trigger area in order to launch the landing craft, but that didnt work either 😞 Do waypoints just not work with triggers?
  3. Bitchmaker

    Skip waypoint/ Radio Alpha trigger not working

    Thanks for your reply, bardosy, unfortunately it doesnt look like I am able to get your suggestion to work. As I mentioned in my OP, making the 'hold' waypoint a 'move' waypoint causes the landing craft move immediately and ignore the radio alpha. Just for the sake of clarity, there is no 'activate waypoint' option in the trigger:activation:type drop down; the only option that mentions waypoints is 'skip waypoint'. And 'Set Waypoint Activation' is the only way I can find to sync triggers to waypoints.
  4. Hi everyone. Ive got a problem with a WW2 scenario Im putting together. In Eden, I put down 5 landing craft full of ai marines and I would like them to start the "invasion" at the same time. I set a 'hold' waypoint in front of one of the landing craft, then an 'unload' waypoint on the beach. I set a trigger next to the waypoint and under type I choose 'skip waypoint', and under activation I choose 'radio alpha'. I then connect the trigger to the 'hold' waypoint using 'Set Waypoint Activation'. When I test it out, I hit radio alpha, but nothing happens. The landing craft just sits there. Ive tried making the trigger repeatable, linking the trigger to the waypoint and vice versa, setting the 'hold' waypoint to a 'move' waypoint (which makes the landing craft head off towards the beach regardless of radio alpha), and experimenting with the distance of the 'hold' waypoint from the craft. Nothing seems to work. Any thoughts or suggestions? Much appreciated and thanks for reading.
  5. Bitchmaker

    Zeus radio alpha?

    Does anyone know if there is a way to activate radio alpha triggers while in Zeus? Currently, I have to come out of the Zeus environment to activate radio alpha and that seems rather clunky. Not a big issue, but it would be a nice quality of life improvement when I'm Zeusing if I didnt have to go back and forth. Thank you!
  6. Harzach, this fixed the problem. My mission is now chaos free! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  7. Harzach, Im getting the following error message: '...anchor_01] call BIS_fnc_attachToRelative|#|; }' Error Missing ; Any ideas why (gonna go out on a limb and say I did something wrong 🙂 )?
  8. Harzach, that's amazing! I've never heard of this function before. Thanks so much for the info. I'll edit the mission tonite and let you know how it works out.
  9. Hi. I have created a multiplayer coop mission that uses many teleporters to simulate entering and leaving underground bunkers. The teleporters work fine except for the fact that when characters use them and arrive in a room with many objects (such as furniture, monitor screens, supplies, etc.), those objects immediately fly all over the room in a giant disordered mess. The players do not actually come in contact with the objects; their arrival into the room seems to be the cause (even objects 20 meters away will be disrupted). All of the objects in question have 'enable simulation' and 'enable damage' unchecked. I have no idea why this is happening. Anyone have a clue? Not sure if it matters, but the teleport script I am using runs in the init of a bunker object and looks like this: this addAction ["Exit the Habitat", { (_this select 1) setPos (getMarkerPos "entrance1"); }]; Thanks!! Added info: using Zeus to teleport players into the rooms also causes the objects to be disrupted. Evidently, it's not just the script.
  10. Roger. Thanks for all your help, Harzach, in this thread and in others. You're a huge help and it is really appreciated.
  11. Cancel that. I just tried it again from scratch and it worked. Not sure where the problem was the first time. Thanks for the assist!
  12. That was the first script I tried at exactly that value. It had no effect, unfortunately. Maybe the rest of the trigger is wrong? Size: 100x100. Activation: Any Player. Activation type: present. Condition: this. On Activation: setAperture 5000; On Deactivation: setAperture -1;
  13. Harzach, do you have a suggestion for how to write the OnActivation script? I tried variations using the examples from the https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setAperture Wiki page, but I cant seem to get it to work.
  14. beno_83au, this is for an MP scenario, so I cant really resort to skipping time (it's also a ravage scenario, and ravage has time-related effects such as hunger and thirst, etc, so skipping time will cause all kinds of havoc). I think any potential solution has to be tied to a trigger/area effect.
  15. Thanks, johnnyboy. I tried your suggestion but unfortunately i didnt see much of a change in the indoor spaces: apparently the shadow effect is the same intensity as indoor light, so it gives the impression that nothing is happening. Outdoors, the effect is quite visible.