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    Ask us anything!

    What's with the game? Are you guys just making monthly challenges, and not improving the game anymore? The last 3 updates are, as in the change log, just "game mod changes" and this is since nov 2017. I mean four months have passed and so little changed. What are you doing, what are you testing, improving? big real update is coming? Or just lack of solidarity for the game from the devs. Why put on the roadmap monthly challenges? they have so little (to none) game improvements. I feel that you guys are stalling... and that's very bad and sad :(
  2. Tzup

    Hello, I'm a "cheater"!

    People are frustrated when they play against him and die... then they wait.... to respawn. The sitting and waisting time it creates frustration. Their waiting "kills" their mood to play and be friendly, If you look at it from a different point of view you can change the way "waiting..." works (in clash). Because now nothing happens, people chat and flame in the waiting time or make stupid noises to disrupt the other players. Mybe you can.. like offer them a meniu with tactical solutions. Militery staff. Improving their knowledge or something to get the time pass by. About the main solution. It has sense... if you kill a high value target you get a reward. People that are in the top of the leadder ar there for a reason. If they can't keep it rollin` someone else has the ability (a greater one) to be in top. Because they acquire more points. Thus is much harder for top players to maintain the lead, because their have to manage more efficiently their kill/death ratio and they have no rewards to cap. (leaderbord is based on points and time...) Noobs will learn ... form them. The system educates in a way the player. Now it works like this: Run and move like in CS and you are a top player. :) That means that if you manage your walk/runing pace more efficently and spray with many bullets, you`ll be like RS..... (conclusion form link maches you put up :P ) The leaderboard has a low value of expectations. It's rigid. Make a change. Because your Argo World is at your fingertips. I say change the mentality / attitude, offer something in exchange. If nothing is done you`ll end up with nothing. This is not about RS it's about the game. And what it has to offer.
  3. Tzup

    Hello, I'm a "cheater"!

    I think the best solution is to rethink his position. He is a magnet. A burning heat. Use it to make the game more fun and killing rewarding. He gets spammed and flamed in game very much, ppl are leaving the game because he plays on the server. Solve the issue, because it is a big one. Most of the ppl hate him, because he has a play style very different form many players, and a good computer too :PPP witch I think helps him like more then 30%. Thus many want him dead, banned, kicked because he is very agile in moving, and tactical approach. Make an ingame reward on his head. Like a bounty, is that possible? You know why!? @hanizelena beacause you introduce "adventure" just like in the West, when cowboys and rangers were going to chase bad guys and catch them out. Dead or alive. If someone kills RS they get like 1000points, or something that makes you feel proud. And this can be implementated in game for who ever holds the 1st position in every gamemode. Or for the first 3 positions 10th, to be more catchy. Implement that in the next updates for who is in first 1st position or the first 3 or 10. They have bounties on their heads. Mybe dress them with a red hat (that they can't remove) or something to be more easily spotted :P :)))) or something funny :D like bunny ears :P . Or the bunny ears should be a trophy for thouse who beat RS's points :P Give a new vibe for the problem to change the attitude ^_^ It's a suggestion.
  4. Tzup

    Hello, I'm a "cheater"!

    Killing him is fun when i catch him ^_^, in clash mode. I cant play link to often, it's to fast pace and my machine cant handle it very well, I tried. But i can't find you anymore in clash, I don't know why. :P why do you prefer link so much? I like your thrend. You know WHY? Because you make a Trophy out of yourself :))) end when you die by my hand I'm like.... "Yess I have his HEAAAD on my Wall" very rewording :)) Thank you for the experience you brought ingame "Your my russian Trophy" ^_^
  5. Tzup

    Suggestions for Halloween

    OMG ! I love the new update ^_^ ! AWSOME!!!! Guys, EricR !!! We need more "Challenge" servers all of them are full :P !!!!!!
  6. Tzup

    unable to connect 0x2002

    Hmm we need update 1.05 to play now. Steam doesn't autoupdate the game. CET time is like 6:00PM. Guess it's time for an Argo break . I'm done waiting ^_^
  7. Tzup

    Suggestions for Halloween

    Diversity is the word for that "need", asys. The game lacks in diversity, it's not Arma3 where you have 1000+ variations...
  8. Tzup

    Suggestions for Halloween

    I just saw the Halloween - Argo Clip. And i wanted to ask, if the skins (head, wepons) will be avalible to buy them out... Or when the event is over (6 nov) all of them will be gone :( Can we buy them and equip them in the normal game modes, after? If no, why not?
  9. Tzup

    Suggestions for Halloween

    Noo night fights :( no night vision :( We have to make a petition to make them do it. Doesn't matter if its halloween or not. Diversity is the key. It's allready boring at 22+ lvl, the only satisfaction is coming up first or in the first 3 at the end of the game. I hope Witch Hunt will be a greate mode! And mybe in the future something like King of the Hill or Battle Royal.
  10. Tzup

    SPAR17 fast scope

    Ask the devs. I like it this way.
  11. Tzup

    Adding Tanoa?

    First night fights then new maps :P
  12. Tzup

    SPAR17 fast scope

    there was another topic about that some time ago. I think they wanted it that way. Its not the scope its the wepon.
  13. Tzup

    Night versions

    It would be something very cool, but they said that they will never implement night in the game :(
  14. Tzup


    ||RS|| is killable. If you play more with him or against you will solve his routine and tactics, try to overcome him by thinking, it's important, it's a strategy game too. Don't blame good players. Try to learn from them if you want to evolve as a player in Argo.
  15. Tzup

    Level design feedback

    Hope I`m in the right place to post it. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1128081509 How can he have a different cloud/flame cloth?
  16. It looks like it's gonna be like Argo - Clash mode Here is a video about it: Sounds cool, can Argo hold it's ground and beat this?
  17. Tzup

    bipods bug

    Doesn't even matter. You can use a bipod even if you dont have them activated. It's a old known bug. Just stand on the ground and press C or near a rock and you will "pin" your wepon.
  18. Hello! I can't make it ! It's to far away and expensive to be there. What will be the price for the package if we want to purchase it in the Steam store?
  19. Tzup

    Gamescom exclusive in-game items

    Its gamescom time. We dont have any DLC on Steam do download :(
  20. Tzup

    Argo League / Tournament

    Do we really need a new web site with another forum to achieve this ? Why don't you speak with the devs to integrate something here, we already have the leaderboard and report system.
  21. I don't know. Didn't play it.
  22. Hey guys, I have a big problem! Mybe it's just me but I can't read the bearings on the compas fast. I have to realy try to look at it, very hard to see the numbers. "T" button for tag is usefull, but not so much when you try to point a direction, "T" is for pinning something. When I get in contact and don't know where he is I can hear or see some shots to estimate, so I`ll type "contact 44" or "bearing 44" the point is that it takes so long to see the numbers, can you guys make them a little bigger ? or at least show them somehow when we press "K" button to appear next to the compass? For me its a game changer ^_^ helps a lot with directions, because everyone is speaking on VOiP: "more to the left, right.... East, North...., the big bush" and it's not efficient.
  23. Tzup

    Hit record

    shoot 5 min ago a guy in the head with SPAR 17 - DMR 1 shoot in his face and he didn't die from 10-20m away. Then I put another shot in chest and he run away. Flanked me after a min and I died. Realy competitive. This is nerv breaking.. shoot one dude in chest form 2-3 meters with SPAR 17, probably armor lvl 1 or no armor. I died......
  24. Specify the range/distance. I have shoot with SPAR 17 people with no armor in chest 2 times to kill them. With armor 2 i couldn't kill him.
  25. SPAR 17 - DMR can't kill anymore with one shoot. 10 out of 1 its a one shoot killshot I don't see snipeing as a solution now, as a sniper you can't shoot 2-3 times from far away because of the recoil. your wepon moves alot and till i reposition it the enemy is gone. In my point of view the class is dead. The big question is why didn't it appear in the Update/Fix change log. Thats realy a very bold move not to say anything about it.