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  1. Hi guys as the title says i cant setup my own server i had one setup and running fine but now all of a sudden when i try to host a server again it says server setup failed please check your upnp/igd settings on your router .I have use port checker and my ports are open 2302-2305 also the steam ports 3478 4379 4380 27000 and 27050 i have my static ip also confirmed and activate but it still wont let me host.Im using a virgin media hub 3.0 if anyone is familiar with it or if you can tell me the exact ports i need to have open and also if you might know what is causing this?Any help is much appreciated thank you.

    black screen when getting in jets

    yes i think it is i also think it may have been because i forgot to tick player all vehicles without crew
  3. Hey guys just trying to create a mission and have been testing a few things when i put down a plane and setup a pilot next to it,even though the plane is empty when i get in the screen goes black i can see the toggle for flaps up down etc but the screen is completely black other than the crosshair and radar it also wont let me exit the vehicle anybody know what causes this that could help me?
  4. Hi am looking for a euro squad English speaking to join preferable uk or ireland if possible i have a mic and ts3 am up for all kinds of game modes but like to play they game as its meant to be played i like co op missions and Zeus missions but i am open to any game mode really want to get into this game as much as possible.I have Apex dlc jets dlc and a good few of the most popular mods going to purchase the other two dlc too.Am open to playing anytime after 6 weekdays or any time on the week thankyou in advance.