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  1. I literally stopped playing Arma since the update last week. Every time I fly jet or helicopter the new camera movement, besides the fact that you can't see targets as you fly and in combination of drop of FPS, I get nauseous. Unplayable!. I only fly now on Arma 3 and if I can't fly the game is useless. When will Arma developers realize that we won't play the game because of something that they will change to the game but that we play because of what we already like. Changing how the game is played you might as well just build another game that noone wants to play. I'm done unless it's changed or at least there's an option to change it for yourself. I'm open to new features and additions to the game but changing what it functions - well, bye til it's fixed. Oh not to mention that jets start spinning when they get slightly tagged.- wtf!? It's a game , let us play it and dont' ruin it. Dumbast change ever. If you hate jets so much - don't fly them but don't ruin the fun for others. Maybe it's a good thing they are ruining the game. I've put over 3000 hours and hopefully this change stops me. Honestly, I haven't played arma for over a week now and I'm not missing it because of the last week's changes. Totally ruined it for me and I'm not the only one. We usually have 30+ people on average on our TS for one server and now I see 6 lmao. Yeah, changes for the "win".