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  1. Is anyone able to explain why when this script (saveData.sqf): _UID = (_this select 0); _gear = getUnitLoadout player; _cash = cash; saveData = [_UID, _gear, _cash]; publicVariableServer "saveData"; is executed from here: shopKeep addAction ["Buy MP7 - £100", { if (cash >= 100) then { _unit = (_this select 1); _UID = getPlayerUID _unit; _unit addWeapon "CUP_hgun_MP7"; cash = cash - 100; null = [_UID] execVM "saveData.sqf"; }else { hint "Not Enough Cash"; }; }]; it works fine, but when i execute the script by just using execVM "saveData.sqf" i get this error: https://gyazo.com/08d24af6d3c8812600ebf989c1e0cf93
  2. SantoJ

    Key Handler

    That works thank you!
  3. SantoJ

    Key Handler

    this works however no other key press is detected I.e. I cnanot move in any direction with WASD cant open Inventory Etc.
  4. I am trying to open a dialog with the O key using: waitUntil {!isNull(findDisplay 46)}; (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown","_this call keyspressed"]; keyspressed = { _keyDik = _this select 1; _shift =_this select 2; _ctrl = _this select 3; _alt = _this select 4; _handled = false; switch (_this select 1) do { case 24: {//U key if (_shift) then { createDialog "SANT_Loadout_Screen"; }; }; _handled; }; however nothing happens when the O key is pressed
  5. SantoJ

    List Box

    Works perfectly with this method thank you!
  6. SantoJ

    List Box

    i changed the onLoad to what you suggested but still get the same error: https://gyazo.com/380cb42c4a4060f007a84d1b9f14f977
  7. Im trying to add a few things to a list box however im getting errors relating to missing ; _display = findDisplay 1400; _listBox = displayCtrl 1002; _listBox lbAdd "Trainee Gear"; _listBox lbAdd "Instructor Gear"; _listBox lbAdd "Auto Rifleman"; _listBox lbAdd "Anti-Tank"; _listBox lbAdd "EOD"; _listBox lbAdd "Marksman"; _listBox lbAdd "Sniper"; _listBox lbAdd "Medic"; _listBox lbAdd "Helicopter Pilot"; this is listBox.sqf being called through onLoad within the dialoag.hpp. onLoad = "[] spawn {execVM 'listBox.sqf';};";
  8. SantoJ

    if statement

    waitUntill works perfectly thank you, however its not repeatable... Any idea how id go about making it so?
  9. i have created this if statement with the hopes it would detect when the player is within 200m of a marker and show a message at the bottom right corner of the screen, however i keep getting an error on mission start regarding a missing bracket in line 1. if(player (getMarkerPos gatoro) < 200) then { _gatoro = ["Gatoro"] spawn BIS_fnc_infoText; }else {}; this script is called through the init.sqf with []execVM
  10. Would this script function in multiplayer setting
  11. SantoJ

    Live Feed Cameras

    no, all the screens will just go black out of nowhere
  12. SantoJ

    Live Feed Cameras

    I got the addAction working however, all the screen with the live feed go black after a while and only begin streaming again when server is restarted
  13. Hi, I have set up some live feed cameras and am using an addAction to turn them on and off, this works perfectly in single player but in multiplayer the addAction simply has no effect. When executing cameras.sqf through the execute code module from Achilles the screen all turn black and show no live feed. Code: cameras.sqf: https://pastebin.com/pzCwKTGS camerasOff.sqf: https://pastebin.com/puukApqW addAction on laptop: this addAction ["Turn On CCTV", "cameras.sqf"]; this addAction["Turn Off CCTV", "camerasOff.sqf"];
  14. is it possible to start a server with this bot?