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  1. really want to see how that works out ! cant wait :D
  2. im kind of new to eden editor, i managed to get it working on my mission the thing is there is a constant message where the chat is about the jammer, is there somewhere i can deactivate the chat or the jammer from sending messages ? https://i.imgur.com/8XE2T89.png edit: also its creating a marker on map
  3. its looking really good ! off topic but you have any plans on doing SH60's?
  4. Duke84

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    glad to see this is still getting worked on :)
  5. im new to this animation things how do i select a animation from the animation viewer and apply it to a unit ?
  6. are you guys planing on doing DAP version ?
  7. good to know :) awesome work cant wait for the finished version
  8. warlord now that we have custom weapon loadout for planes and heli's, are you planing on adding that ?
  9. what kind of experience ?