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  1. Hello there, I'm new to the forums but quite a big Arma fan, I haven't played Arma 3 thousands of hours like a lot of players, but I enjoyed all the time I spent playing it and all the time I'm currently spending doing so. Recently I've been finding a lot of fun in Zeus multiplayer missions, it was really good to organize custom operations for other players and give them the best possible experience, somewhat satisfying, but I wanted to go deeper so I started messing with the editor. I wanted to create a singleplayer mission since I don't own a server and I'd not be able to play coop mission with friends (very sad about it, wish it worked like in games such as Rainbow Six Siege or something, but hey, gotta enjoy what we have), problem is I didn't know that SO MUCH scripting was involved. I'm no programmer, I'm no scripter and I suck with codes. I thought the editor was gonna be something for normal random users. But in any case it doesn't look like you need to be an engineer to make a damn mission so I wanna give it a try anyway. First of all: How do I make respawns in single player, like in APEX campaign, so that you can select respawn point and loadout?? Second, how do I make an objective such as conquer an area, pretty much like the zeus thingy? Thanks for your (hopefully) answers!
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    Not experienced and I don't even think it's the right thread, but I think the AI should always outnumber the player simply because AI is dumb and one player can take out many AI alone. Just look at single player campaign missions, some times you're alone fighting against multiple AI controlled EI and you easily manage.