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  1. eavesdropping on enemy i would like to create an UGV like k 2000 and when the ugv is near a person who talk, i would like to hear it
  2. There is possibility to hear something through a drone
  3. Hello Jonny Boy I want to understand why dog go at 5 meters when detain action Can we make it sits in front of the detainee and barks every 1 minute for example? It should be possible but I can not find the commands
  4. /********************************************************************************************************** Track **********************************************************************************************************/ _TackAction = _handler addAction ["Dog: Track", { _dog=_this select 3 select 0; if (isnull (attachedTo _dog)) then // can't track if dog in vehicle { _scentTrailDetectDistance = _dog getVariable "vScentTrailDetectDistance"; _scentMarkers = nearestObjects [_dog, ["Sign_Arrow_Large_Cyan_F"], _scentTrailDetectDistance] ; if ((count _scentMarkers) > 0) then { // trail needs at least 2 markers...this sometimes happens when attacking prey, previous markers deleted, and only one new marker created for prey survivor _preyTrackingObj = (_scentMarkers select 0) getvariable "prey"; _trail = _preyTrackingObj getVariable "trail"; if ((count _trail) > 1) then { _scentMarker = _scentMarkers select 0; _dog setVariable ["vCurrentScentMarker",_scentMarker,true]; _dog setVariable ["vMoveToPos", getpos _scentMarker, true]; _dummy= [_scentMarker] execVM "JBOY_Dog\JBOY_DogScentDeleteOlderScent.sqf"; }; }; // if above does not find a new closer scentmarker, there still may be an older scentmarker known to dog that causes next if to be true. if !(isnull (_dog getVariable "vCurrentScentMarker")) then { _dog setVariable ["vCommand", 'track', true]; } else { _dummy= [_dog, .3, "whimper1","Whimper"] execVM "JBOY_Dog\delaySay.sqf"; }; }; }, [_dog]]; i add this for track action in dog_assign_action.sqf, but it doesn't appear in wheel menu And I don't know if it's bug: if the dog was killed, the option take dog not appears
  5. Either I do not do it well, or it does not work. There is no menu that appears And I don't know if it's bug, if the dog was killed, the option take dog not appears EDIT: It worked, I did not do it well.
  6. Hello @johnnyboy I am interested about your dog script and I want to install it on my server you make a great job. But for me the menu on the wheel was better. Is there any way to do it again? 100% translate with google translate. Sorry :)