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  1. I have recently completed Operation Flashpoint GOTY once more (original campaign as well as Resistance and Red Hammer expansions) and decided to give the newer instalments a try. Fortunately, Steam was having a sale so I picked up a bundle that included CWA, Arma: Gold Edition, and Arma 2. Since I've already played the first game from 2001 I've decided to give the one from 2007 a try. Unfortunately I'm having trouble with it. In the third tutorial (Leader Course) I can't order my squad to enter the APC. They simply ignore my commands. Selecting all and clicking on the Stryker doesn't work. Selecting individuals with the Function keys doesn't work. Neither does using the menu and pressing 4 [Mount] - 5 [Stryker] - 1 [Anywhere]. In the fourth tutorial (Armor Course) I get stuck after destroying the targets. Nothing happens. I have since managed to get past this but it is slow - very slow. Execution of commands is inconsistent. Sometimes it happens immediately and sometimes it takes an eternity to register. When trying the "Armed Assault" campaign the whole thing is weird. Lots of silence, a bit of driving around, long pauses where the vehicles don't move and nothing happens, and then the HMMWV gets destroyed without me being able to do anything. I went on YouTube to check and it is clear that my game isn't behaving like it is supposed to. I don't get the intro where Porter introduces himself - instead there's a news report. There is complete silence after one of the characters says the "stay here half-a-year..." sentence - there should be more chatter after that but there isn't. I also don't get the order to disembark where I'm supposed to which leads to everyone dying shortly thereafter when the vehicles get destroyed. I've tried a bunch of stuff like re-installing the game, verifying integrity of game files, running in Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode, running as administrator, and creating a new in-game user profile - but nothing has worked. What is going on? Can this be fixed? Windows 10 (64-bit) Intel i7-3770 (3.4 Ghz / 3.9 Ghz) 16 GB RAM AMD Radeon HD 7900 (3 GB VRAM) (driver version 18.12.2 - latest recommended)
  2. PzBunny

    Downloading OFP latest patch?

  3. PzBunny

    Downloading OFP latest patch?

    Ok. I'd like to give it a try. Still unsure what I'm supposed to download from that mess of a page though.
  4. PzBunny

    Downloading OFP latest patch?

    Hi! Thank you for your reply! Too bad about an update not being possible. Can CWA run "Red Hammer" & "Resistance"? I'm guessing that CWA has better support for modern hardware & newer versions of windows and that it is therefore preferable over 1.96.
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    Downloading OFP latest patch?

    Hi! I have OFP GOTY and after getting nostalgic thought to re-install it on my computer after many years of it sitting on a shelf. The first thing I did of course was to look for the latest patch and I found v1.99 at this link: I am honestly a bit confused as to which of these should be downloaded, but looking at the posted dates I'm guessing that the last one is what I am looking for. These downloads seem relevant: CWA_Patch_1_99A_RC1.exe CWA_Patch_1_99A_RC1_0.exe A-CWA_update.22112011-combinedALL.7z Which one of them is it that I am looking for? None of them? All of them? Regrettably the links don't appear to work and my google-fu has failed me in providing alternative download locations. Can anyone help? Thank you for your time.