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  1. well got it to run now how well it was the a problem with the NVidia OPTIMUS, the problem was with an outdate INTEL 4600 HD DRIVER, have not updated mine since 2013, run the updated on dated 01/2017 64 bit version and now the game runs really good. thank you for your post
  2. that is alright for playing ARMA, my other games us it so I have to wait till a patch.
  3. I have the same problem, it only after the update to this game only. have win 7 pro with a GTX 750M CARD. UPDATE card with latest update, updated windows, ran the program in windows SFC/SCANNOW no problem with my windows files. verified my ARMA 3 FILES no problem. the rest of my games I place have no problem with them play them on HI-RES. so it was something that they did that has messed up the game for us with WIN 7. INSTEAD OF WIN.10. SO THEM ME WHAT I CAN DO. have already played the game for almost 800 hrs. with no problem until now. I am running the game on a ALIENWARE GAMING LAPTOP. for me to get windows 10. I was told by ALIENWARE. I am better of getting a new machine instead of trying to update to WINDOWS 10.