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    Terrain Struggles.

    Ideally I would like it to be Takistan size so 164 km2.
  2. Hey! I have been part of the ARMA community for a few years now and throughout these years I have been doing texturing, it has got to the point where I do not find it rewarding and I want to try something new, I decided to get into terrain making and do a map in the middle east as I have a large interest in what is going on there currently. The problem I am having is how to get started it has been confusing on where to start and what I will need. I have seen some threads scattered around but having trouble trying to connect everything. I was hoping someone could help me with getting started. Regards,
  3. CBolitho

    Terrain Struggles.

    Hey thanks, I will definitely use these for the final stages of the maps development, just trying to get the base terrain done first haha.
  4. CBolitho

    Terrain Struggles.

    Hey thanks man, ill be sure to check it out.