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    7 hours ago, rebitaay said:

    Place a "Respawn Position" module on the location you want your units to respawn at. (Systems (F5) > Modules > Multiplayer0

    Define the parameters to your liking in the module, as well as in the "Respawn" section in the multiplayer settings. No need to sync anything, unless it's for vehicles.


    What you're thinking of is the old way of doing it, by placing an "empty" marker, naming it "respawn_west", and defining the respawn point in the description.ext.

    I'm sure there are still reasons to do it that way, I'm just not aware of them. But if you simply want a respawn point for you and your allies, the new method will do just fine.


    Edit: I forgot to mention: If you're in singleplayer, you will just die and the mission will fail regardless of your setup. Test your mission through a LAN server, or with friends.


    I tried that as well but no use... still "mission fails" after death


    I don't know what to do more :(



    Here are the mods I'm using for editor 




  2. Hello one more time chaps,


    The reason I'm disturbing you today is that I can't make respawn place. Every time I die the mission fails and I have to start it from the beginning but I'm peaty sure I made everything right.


    1. Placed the playable characters

    2. Made the empty marker and named it respawn_west ("west" - because I'm playing with NATO forces)

    3. Opened the attributes > multiplayer and configured the "Respawn on Custom Position" 




    It still doesn't work.


    Can anyone advise me something?



  3. 10 hours ago, Nikander said:

    Hello, place your mobile HQ vehicle with variable name "mhq" in the editor, then place your flag object and put this code in it's Init field

    this addAction ["Mobile HQ", {player moveInCargo mhq}]


    you are always ready to help me right :))))


    thanks bro

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  4. 48 minutes ago, Nikander said:


    If you want to use names then try this

    private ["_name", "_trig"];
    _name = ["GioLabo", "Nikander"];
    _trig = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector",[0, 0, 0],false];
    _trig setTriggerStatements [
      		"vehicle player isKindOf 'Air'",
      		format ["if (!(name player in %1) && {assignedVehicleRole player in [['driver'],['Turret',[0]]]}) then {moveOut player}", _name],

    and you can always put it in init.sqf if you find nowhere else more appropriate

    oh thanks bro, Now I hot it

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  5. 16 hours ago, Nikander said:


    I fancy triggers

    _trig = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector",[0, 0, 0],false];
    _trig setTriggerStatements [
      		"vehicle player isKindOf 'Air'",
      		"if (!(player isKindOf 'B_Pilot_F') && {assignedVehicleRole player in [['driver'],['Turret',[0]]]}) then {moveOut player}",


    and where should I put it or place the name of pilots?