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  1. Att Kaz

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    SUre I just registered.. I have my own life and I didnt need to register here before, since the game run fine... I just posted here, because I dont really know how the support and feedback of this game works.. And since I am facing this issue, I have searched a lot about it recently, and PLENTY OF people post complains.. The thing is that its not really clear where is the good place to make a complain and report such a huge bug... PS: I dont know where are you guys from, but if someone makes an update to a game, which actually breaks the game for plenty, plenty of players and makes it "UNLAUNCHABLE", I would NOT consider the update as a good one.... But thats only my humble personal opinion...
  2. Att Kaz

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    thank you for the recommendation, I will do it.
  3. Att Kaz

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    for all your questions about whether I tried some things... Here is the list of what I ve already tried: - launch game with and without mods - launch the game with and without battleye - launch the game with various configurations - 32/64 bit versions - launch the game without profiles and with and without many parameters - verified game cache integrity - reinstalled the whole Arma 3 + the Update - run the f scan - checked the HD defragmentation status - updated all drivers - configure the graphic card usage manually for Arma 3 - reinstalled all the c++ redistributable packages (both 32 and 64 b) - reinstalled DirectX's - tried to launch in safe modes - recovered my windows into recovery point to the day BEFORE the update, then updated the game once again - REINSTALLED the windows.... Honestly I have spent almost 3 days with this... And not even an answer from Bohemia... This is just a damn mess what they did... And again.. Just an information.. This is not an issue only on my side... Thousands of people are having the same issue after that reckless untested update... ...
  4. Att Kaz

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    What I mean is that the game was working perfectly for me.. Then they forced this update and game wont launch.. AN its not only me.. thousands of other players are facing the very same issue.. Nothing helps, since their source codes are wrong and not compatibible with some kind of a hardware structure, I guess... THere is no way they will not pay back all the purchases for us...
  5. Att Kaz

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    Yes sorry for the rage, however its like with real product you buy... I bought a game, DLCs... THen the supplier made a mistake and broke the stuff I bought. So its normal that I want to be refunded... And btw I ve tried this man.. No luck wiht anything.. I could make an enorm list of what everything I ve tried... I am a developer myself... However this is something what should be fixed by them, since their files are corrupted.. First of all they shouldnt even let out something like this without proper testing.. But anyway, thank you for suggestion and reply.
  6. Att Kaz

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    You guys MUST KIDDING ME.... I have i7 x64... And for me, as well as for thousands of others, the update broke the game..https://feedback.bistudio.com/T123784 The thing is, after I literarly tried EVERYTHING - even windows reinstallation, NOTHING HELPED and I am unable to play arma 3 for 3 days now... How can even a company release and force an update which ruins thegame for the plenty of active players?! Seriously this is fcking insane.... I am about to claim back the purchased game, addons and dlcs...