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  1. Bruce Conway

    Weapon Eventhandler Framework

    Is there any way this could be reworked to change handanims for when a bipod is deployed/undeployed?
  2. Bruce Conway

    ArmaRig for Blender

    Oh ok, maybe that's where I went wrong I just removed the constraint. I'll give that a go thanks! EDIT<> (note the new animation was made from the hand anim file where the chilof constraint wan't removed) I created a new animation just to test and i got this result: If I use the other method mentioned I still get the hand fixed to the gun but it also moves the gun with the right hand animation
  3. Bruce Conway

    ArmaRig for Blender

    @Macser Is there any way to animate the right hand independent from the weapon position, like for animating a bolt for example.
  4. @AlwarrenIs there currently any way to export multiple objects within the same LOD?
  5. Bruce Conway

    Weapon "Cannot Load Texture"

    I fixed the issue, I had to set the texture path in object builder (File>Options>Path for textures)
  6. Hi, I've been trying to publish my weapon addon to steam but I've recently come into trouble with the textures (rvmat works fine). specifically the error message is "Cannot Load Texture P:\Lewis\data\Lewis_MG_BaseColour_co.paa". I have my textures set in the .p3d file but it seem to be constantly referring to the texture file in my project file and not in the pbo. I know this because when I rename my project folder the texture doesn't work. I'm using pboProject to create my pbo.
  7. Bruce Conway

    prone/deployed animations

    Thanks i'll look into it
  8. Bruce Conway

    prone/deployed animations

    How do I implement the prone animation?
  9. Bruce Conway

    prone/deployed animations

    I've already made a standing and prone animation but how do I implement the prone animation because at the moment when I reload in the prone position everything above the hips reloads to accommodate the standing reload animation.
  10. Hi, I've been trying to find a way to change the hand positions and animations for the character when the weapon is prone/deployed. The current issue is that when reloading my gun in the prone position the hips rotate to accommodate the standing animation. I'm also trying to move the left hand into a supporting position on the stock. Any help would be great thanks
  11. Bruce Conway

    Gun metal black textures appear light grey

    Fixed it, had to do with my image editing software
  12. Hi, When I converted my .png textures to .paa they lost all their black colour and appear mostly light grey.
  13. So by unit do you mean Rifleman, AT ect.? I've been trying to make a lewis machine gun as an addon for the IFa3 mod
  14. Bruce Conway

    model.cfg not working

    I'm not sure what i did to get it to work but i works now
  15. Hi, I've been having trouble with the model.cfg where it won't work, for example on the reload animation the magazine doesn't translate or dissapear. I am new to modding in arma 3. I've basically stolen one of the tutorial examples