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  1. kagenekosama

    AI wont get in vehicle

    I'm getting group pretty much same as you do, and i tried objectParent while trying to get it to work, same effect seems like it is bug, they only get in once i get as vehicle driver.
  2. So i'm trying to make a function to get AI to get in passenger in players vehicle, however ai is not getting inside vehicle if the player is the commander of the vehicle(only works when player is driver ), AI only gets in position go get in but doesn't actually load inside, is there any way to fix this? Extra details, AI only gets in vehicle when player is commander if the engine if off. I'm not using any mod The script i'm using { _x assignAsCargo (vehicle player); } forEach units _group; (units _group) orderGetIn true; thanks for the help
  3. kagenekosama

    Arma 3 signature mistmatch on most servers

    Nope as i told you i have the same mods, i asked the server admin
  4. Hey all, since around 3 days i cannot join to most arma 3 modded servers, both in launcher and when i join the game says there is a signature mismatch, i know for sure that i have the right mods and versions from the workshop (and the main server i'm trying to join has those same mods). I've already tried clearing download cache on steam and checking the integrity of the game files. I've completely deleted and redownloaded the mods (and also installed new mods) but all of them have the signature mismatch error (basic things like CBA) my battleye anticheat says it is running too. If anyone know how i can solve this issue i would be grateful.
  5. Hey all, so i needed to know if somewhere here has made a script to get the vehicle class names from the vehicles that are around the map and copy then so i can paste it in a text file, i made a script to do it a while ago, however i lost the sqf file when my Disk died. Also a script to get class names for items that the player has on his inventory (everything). Thanks for your help, you will make my life easier so i don't have write it all over again.
  6. kagenekosama

    Cannot reach most servers

    Filters are OK, i'm also using a3 launcher and a lot of servers are on 9999 ping, however if i check the server on gametracker or anywhere else that there is people playing and the server is Up, maybe is the arma master server?
  7. So hey all, since yesterday i cannot connect to my favorite server and my server list for arma 3 doesn't show up as many servers as before (like 2000), all my friends can play normally and get the server list loaded but not me, i can only get like 100 servers or so. I don't have a vac ban or anything, i just can't get a response from most servers not even a ping, any idea why?
  8. Bravo Co. 1-506th IR We are an ARMA 3 milsim unit. We do our very best to simulate a real-world operational tempo. We strive to keep a fun environment while at the same time closely following US Armed Forces rules of conduct. If you are looking for a relaxed milsim group, you’ve come to the right place. About Us We are an arma unit with 50+ members from North America and different places around the world, we do main operations during the weekend with 24 to 32+ people, divided into various teams including squads, medics and pilots. Our usual play schedule is at 6pm EST Saturdays for main big missions, Thursdays for training new units, and Fridays for air school training. We do mini operations for 8 to 16 people the other days of the week if there is enough members present. We are not strict on rules or communication and we just want people that can be serious while we are playing. We are looking for recruits that want to learn and improve their skills in our military simulation environment. Once you join you only have to take the training one time and then you are go to go. We have ranks between the clan members and increase it based on your actions and your time the unit, so you can level up from a recruit up to a squad or platoon leader. We have a dedicated ARMA 3 server that can hold to 40 players and we're planing to expand it if we get more members. We also own TeamSpeak 3 server and an official webpage for the clan needs. Our list of mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1371895171 Requirements to join Be 16+ years old (younger applications are welcome if you have discipline and common sense) Have time to come to the scheduled training and missions (Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays 5:30 - 6:00 pm EST) Own ARMA 3 (not DLC needed for now) Have a working microphone or getting one once you're in Be able to speak English to a decent level. (And wanting to learn if you're not so good) You're allowed to be in another clan as long as you attend to our events. Steps to join - Join to our TeamSpeak client or ask a recruiter for any questions you have about the recruiting process. (voice.ny.pingperfect.com:10008) - Fill up our Enlistment Application http://506pirmilsim.org/forum/index.php?app=perscom&module=enlistment (Remember to fill the field "How did you hear about us?" with PV2. D.Hawkins) - Wait for your application to be approved, Once approved get to our teamspeak to let leaders know about you. - Enjoy the training and the operations! Contact Team Speak Client: voice.ny.pingperfect.com:10008 Website: http://506pirmilsim.org Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/1-506th Recruiters: PV2. D.Hawkins https://steamcommunity.com/id/kagenekosama/ SSG. S. Uhon https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198165582457/ Or PM me.
  9. By the way now that this thread ask a question i had, if i put vehicles from laws of war, and buildings from tanoa in another free map. will people without apex able to play it?
  10. kagenekosama

    Rocket launchers

    I put a issue for this on the tracker, and yeah the PMCL right now cannot be aimed correctly (rocket goes up), also the damage is very low despite the rocket weight and size.
  11. Hey all, i'm looking for a Single player mission where you can buy troops and vehicles like in Dynamic universal war system, and engage in multiple missions, if any of you knows one please let me know. Cheers
  12. kagenekosama

    Random 3GL Flares in Adapt

    Not sure however i experienced it too, probably is because kerry is a team leader /grenadier and they are part of the default equipment for those classes.
  13. Hey all, so i'm trying to add an event handler to a custom dialog i created, however the ctrlAddEventHandler seems to fail and the event handler is not being added, or it just doesn't work. I'm trying to change Text once i change the current selection in a combo box, but it doesn't work. _myDisplay = findDisplay 7200; _comboCtrl = _myDisplay displayCtrl 2102; _myCtrlEH = _comboCtrl ctrlAddEventHandler ["onLBSelChanged",{ctrlSetText [1019, "Text"]; hint "Executed";}]; _myCtrlEH returns a -1 value.
  14. kagenekosama

    Make ai repair vehicles

    Thanks again for the feedback, i'm also trying to tweak my own script, probably if i use HazJ method with even handlers it will work better.
  15. kagenekosama

    Make ai repair vehicles

    Thanks guys, however what i need is a script that makes AI repair another AI vehicle, it is not for the player.