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  1. By the way now that this thread ask a question i had, if i put vehicles from laws of war, and buildings from tanoa in another free map. will people without apex able to play it?
  2. Rocket launchers

    I put a issue for this on the tracker, and yeah the PMCL right now cannot be aimed correctly (rocket goes up), also the damage is very low despite the rocket weight and size.
  3. Hey all, i'm looking for a Single player mission where you can buy troops and vehicles like in Dynamic universal war system, and engage in multiple missions, if any of you knows one please let me know. Cheers
  4. Random 3GL Flares in Adapt

    Not sure however i experienced it too, probably is because kerry is a team leader /grenadier and they are part of the default equipment for those classes.
  5. Hey all, so i'm trying to add an event handler to a custom dialog i created, however the ctrlAddEventHandler seems to fail and the event handler is not being added, or it just doesn't work. I'm trying to change Text once i change the current selection in a combo box, but it doesn't work. _myDisplay = findDisplay 7200; _comboCtrl = _myDisplay displayCtrl 2102; _myCtrlEH = _comboCtrl ctrlAddEventHandler ["onLBSelChanged",{ctrlSetText [1019, "Text"]; hint "Executed";}]; _myCtrlEH returns a -1 value.
  6. Make ai repair vehicles

    Thanks again for the feedback, i'm also trying to tweak my own script, probably if i use HazJ method with even handlers it will work better.
  7. Make ai repair vehicles

    Thanks guys, however what i need is a script that makes AI repair another AI vehicle, it is not for the player.
  8. Subscribe on Steam ION Mercenaries are tasked to stop a weapons deal and secure the weapons. This is the first scenario i scripted for Arma 3, it was made to be replayable, you will receive random supports , you can assemble a team with different members, and complete the mission from several angles. Requirements: CBA_A3 CUP Weapons Cup Units CUP Vehicles I'm looking for feedback, so i can make the mission better, and also script better missions for the future. Hope you enjoy playing it! Special thanks: R3vo For Making the Conversation Script used in this Mission. https://forums.bistudio.com/profile/932184-r3vo/
  9. Make ai repair vehicles

    Thanks for the feedback, so far i've tried one solution like the one HazJ mentioned, however i still need the Ai to call a repair everytime one is needed.
  10. Hey all, so i've been trying to figure this out, i want AI to repair vehicles that are damaged. So far i've tried to set an a squad with a tank and some repair specialists, however it seems like ai don't request their units to repair their tank. So it seems i need to set a script to make ai check for current vehicle damage, and then make any possible unit with repair capabilities to do so. If you know of some script like that, or a thread that resolves this problem (So far i cannot find anything like this on google or here) i would be thankful. Cheers
  11. [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.342

    Thanks, it works with most mods! By the way, that UI that overrides helicopter controls is part of the function, or is it just in the sample mission?
  12. This one worked thanks! The same happened with this one
  13. Hey all, i'm having some trouble with this. I need a trigger to activate when player is not present. However, when player enters a vehicle (a vehicle inside the trigger area of course) as passenger and the AI is driving, the trigger gets activated, as if the player left the area or disappeared when he gets inside the vehicle. What i want is the trigger to get activated when the player is outside the area, no matter if he is on foot, as driver or a passenger of a vehicle. I've tried many ways, the last one was: (!(player in thislist) && !(vehicle player in thislist)) And (driver(vehicle player) in thislist) But both only work if player is driver or on foot, not as passenger. Thanks for you help.
  14. [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.342

    Does this script accept all kind of vehicles including mod vehicles?
  15. Hello all, so i'm not sure how to search for this so i'm asking here. I want my characters say the default dialogues with a script, like the "Requesting support at the designated location", "Grid 123667", "Run out of ammo" etc. For example, making a custom support and make my character call for it, then the helicopter replies. All with the default dialogues like if i was using the default editor systems. So far i got everything working except for the dialogue, all is mute. Thanks for your help. Cheers and happy holidays.