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  1. hey guys, how do I change the light color emitted by a PortableLight? Everything I found on google gives me "local variable in global something something"... That PortableLights will be placed in the mission file of an exile server. Thanks in advance for your help! :)
  2. killzone_kid what is wrong with you :D the forum requests you to spam three posts and now you come and waste half an hour of your time to "make me pay"? hilarious, thanks for making my day XD fixed the problem now by the way. the whole at see level at terrain level was new to me. I modded the editor for my needs and after some trying it actually worked. cheers!
  3. kk thanks anyway, maybe a moderator or admin comes by to clean up the thread yeah that should help
  4. I dont see how that should help? 2900 posts, you should have more to say than useless oneliners? XD would appreciate if you can actually help me...
  5. ok I am currently editing and repacking the pbos but the plugin just seems to counter my changes. cant get maca 3den to give me ATL positions. I need your help guys :(
  6. I am currently testing out to exchange getPosASL with getPosATL but doesnt change a thing :(
  7. hey everybody, I am currently using maca editor aka M3Editor 0.18 for building AI missions within the DMS mission script. the maca editors main task is of course to get the right positions for objects, ai spawns etc. But the handling of that version of the maca editor is pretty uncomfortable. So I googled a bit and found the Maca Editor aka M3Editor - 3DEN Edition. Basically the same editor but waaay easier to use. BUT - the easier-to-use-3DEN version of the M3Editor handles positioning a bit differently (sadly in a way that is incompatible with the DMS script's understanding of positions). the normal v0.18 editor defines height as altitude (x meters from map ground), which seems to be the way DMS handles it too. the 3DEN editor however defines the height of any given object as absolute height (so if the ground level of the map is 230m above absolute zero and the object is at ground level - its 230m). so the question is - how do I get the M3Editor 3Den Edition to spit out altitude instead of absolute height - or the other way round - how do I get the DMS mission script to also refer to absolute height values? thanks in advance for your help!! cheers
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