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  1. urfinjuce

    Warlords gamemode balancing is garbage

    I don't want to create a new topic, because a similar topic about balance is already available. I hope Thread Starter will not be against it. Warlords is a good idea, but I didn't like some of the details. 1. In the Virtual Arsenal ammunition is available for covertly special operations. For example, sights with a thermal-vision (TWS, Nightstalker), equipment (Special Purpose Helmet and Suit, Full Ghillie, ENVG-II, ...) I'm not sure, if such ammunition is needed in such battles? The battle turns into a constant search for enemy hidden snipers. Yes, the vehicles also has thermal-vision, but the vehicles is easier to detect. 2. Why NATO can use the Viper kit (CSAT) from the Virtual Arsenal?! This is important for Veteran servers, otherwise the confusion with the uniform! 3. Rhino can for a long time destroy the enemy with ATMG LG projectiles at a distance of more than 7 kilometers. This is an uber-machine to destroy the enemy. If I am not mistaken, OPFOR has no analogue. Disable ATMG LG projectiles from Rhino or add 2S9 Sochor with Howitzer (Laser Guided) projectiles for CSAT. 4. The character at the start in the default equipment has Chemlight and IR Grenade. This is not used by anyone and adds weight to the character (critical for Stamina). I'm throwing these items. This is unnecessary garbage on the server.
  2. urfinjuce

    Unofficial Argo servers support only

    If I'm not mistaken, then on private servers there is no way to block the connection of the "Guest" account? Only to set the password and play with friends OR constantly kick out "guests" from game?
  3. urfinjuce

    Doubts about 26 June 2018 Update

    End User License Agreement Warranty, Liabilities, Termination and Others The game is provided 'as is', which means that we give you absolutely no warranties of any kind and we expressly refuse to take any liability for any damage which may result from use or inability to use the game.
  4. urfinjuce

    Unofficial Argo servers support only

    I. The simplest and fastest version of the solution for this moment. a) Your friends buy a premium account and you play together on official premium servers. b) Ask developers to turn OFF the official premium server and turn ON official non-premium servers (this I suggested in the first message). The following options are more difficult. II. Local (internal) settings on the PC. a) Check the settings of your firewall. It is necessary to open ports for incoming connections of Argo, or to allow any incoming connections for Argo. b) If you use a router, then you need to make a port forwarding on the router. Incoming connections of Argo in the firewall on the PC must also be open. III. External problems. Perhaps your provider uses NAT technology. Then: a) Try to use VPN technology with your friends (Hamachi, Garena, Tunngle, Wippien, Evolve, etc.). b) The player, who creates the private server, must have a "white" external IP address in the Internet. Usually it is a paid service. Then other players can connect to this private Argo server.
  5. Unofficial Argo servers support only If Argo is an advertising for ARMA 3, then using only official premium servers - is a mistake. In this case, advertising of one paid product is also a paid product on official servers. I think, it would be better to make only official NON-premium servers in a server browser (5-10 servers like now after the update) and "still be able to play on unofficial servers". For example, unlock light vehicles for premium-accounts on official NON-premium servers . Premium players can repair and piloting (friendly and enemy) ATV (orange and blue) and Prowler (orange and blue). In other words, do as DLC Tanks ARMA 3. Yes, these changes contradict the principle of Argo: all players an equal opportunity. This principle is relevant when the project works. But you are "unfortunately, ending the support of Argo on official servers." Then give premium players a little privilege. Perhaps, NON-premium players will have a desire to buy a beautiful cap, a multi-colored machinegun and shoot at the enemy on the move in the vehicles. I think, many players will agree with me, that aren't sorry about the spent money for a game. Nice game!
  6. If you have a lot of free time, then no one is against, that you are helping new players. But after workday I want to relax in the game and don't want to explain to every beginner the rules of the game. What's your ARGO name, Nickname on the forum and in the game are identical. ;) what level are you, You can see the level in the game. ;) are you a supporter, are you military, No. No. how many friends have added you because of ARGO, Not many. How important is it? :) what times do you play GMT, Usually after 17-18 hours on GMT on servers "Combat Patrol" (general and premium). If you want to join, then I warn in advance, that I don't speak English. have you ever had VAC ban on steam, How important is this for the game? :) are you a troll? You can look at all my messages, for example, at a forum and independently solve - I'm troll or not. ;) Just asking. It is very similar to filling out a questionnaire. :)
  7. urfinjuce

    Ask us anything!

    Do everything, that want! I'm not your chief. Using "Software bug" and using "third-party programs" (hacks and exploits) to gain an advantage - is cheating. The difference in the way of gaining an advantage. These differences are indicated in my previous message.
  8. urfinjuce

    Ask us anything!

    This is not cheating. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheating#Video_games It's use of game bugs. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_bug
  9. If I'm not mistaken, Argo is advertising Arma 3. Therefore, it's free for players. If players are not greedy, they can pay for the work of developers. In this case, the premium server will be populated. And on the shared servers will learn to play "guests". I agree, the guests need guidance. Example of search 1. Example of search 2. Some players don't want to learn the rules of the game first. They immediately start the game and create problems for other players. I also helped some players. And now a question on the subject of mathematics. How many "guests" comes into game? How many "guests" don't know the rules of the game? How many "guests" are you ready to train? 10+? 20+? 50+? How many "guests" will keep playing? (How many "guests" will remain to play?)
  10. I paid Argo Supporter's Pack to financially support the developers and not play with stupid "guests." If the game for users is free, then this doesn't mean, that the electricity for the servers is also free. Developers also need pay to internet-provider. Don't forget, that programmers also want to eat. And food is not free too.
  11. urfinjuce

    Skill Tree UGL AK-12 GL

    Yes. If Weapons and Suppressors are divided by the caliber, then why "AK-12 GL" is in the general group with other UGLs weapon? To install the Suppressor on other UGLs, you must use 6 SP(UGL) + 2 SP(Suppr_N). To install the Suppressor on the "AK-12 GL", you must use 6 SP(UGL) + 6 SP(AR_IV) + 2 SP(Suppr_IV). And further. In the tab "Armory" column "UGL" it is better to divide into parts: UGL I (5.56mm) ... UGL II (5.8mm) ... UGL III (6.5mm) ... UGL IV (7.62mm) ...
  12. urfinjuce

    Skill Tree UGL AK-12 GL

    My question doesn't belong (doesn't apply) to "Caliber of Weapons". It is a question for arithmetics. Question: How many SPs (Skill Points) are needed to install Suppressor_IV on "AK-12" and "AK-12 GL"? Answer: AS_I(1) + AR_II(2) + AR_III(2) + AR_IV(6) + Supp_IV(2) = 13 SP = Supp_IV for AK-12. AS_I(1) + AR_II(2) + AR_III(2) + UGL(6) + AR_IV(6)+ Supp_IV(2) = 19 SP = Supp_IV for AK-12 GL. Distinction (difference) = 6 SP = VESTS Protection I.
  13. urfinjuce

    Skill Tree and Loadouts

    Players repeatedly asked to change "Skill Tree" (and I'm too). 5 parts "Loadouts", of course good, but not enough. I'll try to describe in detail 2 options for the development of "Skill Tree". For one player account are available 4-5 game profiles. 25 "Skill Points" (SP) are allocated for each profile. Profile_1 (for example, Assault_IV): AR_I(1) + AR_II(2) + AR_III(2) + AR_IV(6) + Sigh_IV(2) + Supp_IV(2) = 15 SP. The rest is 10 SP, which can be spent on Grenades (1+1) + Vests(6) or AR_V (8). Profile_2 (for example, DMR_III): AR_I(1) + AR_II(2) + DMR_I (3) DMR_II(6) + DMR_III(8) + Sigh_V(2) + Supp_V(2) = 24 SP. The remainder is 1 SP, which can be spent on Grenades(1) or unlock other Sights. Profile_3 (for example, UGL): ... Profile_4 (for example, LMG): ... Profile_5 (for example, Mixed_N): ... Choose "Profile_N" as well, as now players choose "Loadouts". For example, the player chose the mode (Link, RAID, ...), the team chose a map, then player can select "Profile_N". Progress "Skill Tree" with these profiles can be organized as follows: Option 1. Open different slots in any profile can be simultaneously (in parallel), but not more than 25 SP for each profile. You can buy weapons per game credits. Option 2. When the player has received the first 25 SP in "Profile_1", then he has access to the second "Profile_2". You can play with the configured "Profile_1" and open the slots in "Profile_2". After "Profile_N", available "Profile_N+1". You can buy weapons per game credits. Reset "Skill Tree" separately in each profile or directly in all profiles per gaming credits.
  14. urfinjuce

    Banned for killing allies.

    I will try reformulate the sentence. Sometimes happens, that the XP are not added. For example, if I'm was killed on the Maine. Or the round is over, when I stood on the Main.
  15. "AK-12 GL" is in category III, but a suppressor for it from category IV. Is this correct or is it a mistake? https://imgur.com/a/g2ouJ