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  1. Endigma

    Turret Enhanced

    The black area surrounding the viewport. It is simply an overlay.
  2. Endigma

    Turret Enhanced

    You should add a feature to whitelist/blacklist certain vehicles.
  3. You should change the scale of your drones to be more realistic, they seem a bit small to me, especially the Global Hawk. https://imgur.com/gallery/3FrbHNS
  4. Endigma

    Turret Enhanced

    Above approximately 775~ kph airspeed in the Black Wasp II from vanilla, the features from this mod are removed from the context menu and cease to work, including keybinding actions. The North Indicator continues to work, but no other functions are available.
  5. Endigma

    Turret Enhanced

    Well it most definitely is reproducible as well as quite the annoyance.
  6. Endigma

    Turret Enhanced

    this stops working after ~775 kph for some reason, bug or intentional?