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  1. nathanbarnett36

    Can't join any server

    So I sent an email to the interactive support 3 days ago and haven't got a reply yet and there is still no solution. If anybody knows how to fix this, it would be appreciated.
  2. nathanbarnett36

    Can't join any server

    Yes, I am certain. This is what it says. https://gyazo.com/5b3cd78d97a5fb3c6c0d3be07be74ec1
  3. nathanbarnett36

    Can't join any server

    This is stupid, I can't even connect to vanilla servers and no one knows how to fix this.
  4. nathanbarnett36

    Can't join any server

    Yes, I've only been trying to join those vanilla servers but I can't. I have no idea why.
  5. nathanbarnett36

    Can't join any server

    Yes, I use Norton which overrides windows firewall and I have allowed Arma 3 access.
  6. nathanbarnett36

    Can't join any server

    So, I recently got Arma 3 as a gift on christmas and wanted to go online. When I went online, I noticed that basically every server has a green circle with a question mark in the middle. If I attempt to join one of these servers, I get kicked shortly after with "you were kicked off the game". Now when I attempt to join a game where it is just a green circle by the side of the server, I get kicked with "session lost". I have done what a lot of people have recommended, that being check file integrity. I've done that three times now and I have already tried to reinstall arma 3 without success. Does anyone know why I cannot connect to any server. I have not got any of the dlc or any mods.
  7. nathanbarnett36

    Vehicles too bright and neat?

    Nice idea, it would be nice to have dirt and mess on the vehicles depending on what terrain you are in, like sand.
  8. nathanbarnett36

    Uber FPS guide

    Thanks, this helped a lot