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  1. Flightcaptain93

    IDD of Respawnmenu?

    Thanks this is working!
  2. Does anybody know the IDD to close the respawnmenu? Or the Dialog if it is one? (Its the "MenuPosition" Template for Base Respawn). So i can close it and open it later? https://1drv.ms/u/s!Al2S9lOz4k52hllbsOCzE8e_Q5hj
  3. Is it possible that a dead player can spectate his body in 3rdperson and after one minute or the respawn delay time the respawn template "Menu Position" is activated? At the moment the menu position template is activated at the moment the player dies.
  4. _spawn1 = player addAction [ "Place spawn", // title "scripts\placerespawn.sqf", // script [_tent,_spawn2], <========= HERE spawn2 cant be used in the placerespawn.sqf // arguments 1.5, // priority true, // showWindow true, // hideOnUse "", // shortcut "true", // condition 50, // radius false, // unconscious "", // selection "" // memoryPoint ]; _spawn2 = player addAction [ "Cancel placing spawn", // title "scripts\cancelrespawn.sqf",// script [_tent,_spawn1], // arguments 1.5, // priority true, // showWindow true, // hideOnUse "", // shortcut "true", // condition 50, // radius false, // unconscious "", // selection "" // memoryPoint ]; I added two addActions via one script. _spawn2 can handle the passed variable _spawn1 but _spawn1 cant handle the passed variable _spawn2 because it is created later... How can i pass _spawn2 into the script from _spawn1? in both scripts both of these actions are deleted. or should i use another approach?
  5. Flightcaptain93

    Respawn for one Unit!

    Thank you it works 🙂
  6. I got "Base" Respawn enabled with map selection. It works. I have two markers one named "respawn_west" and one is named "respawn_UNITNAME" The unit I want to have both respawns accessible is named UNITNAME. When I respawn i only can choose the point at respawn west. If i change the name from respawn_UNITNAME to respawn_west2 it works fine. but i want that one position only for that unit available. Can someone help me pls. http://killzonekid.com/arma-scripting-tutorials-respawn-on-marker/
  7. Flightcaptain93

    [SOLVED] addMissionEventHandler

    :) no there should be no punishment for killing teammates. the first statement (_this select 1) == player) checks if the killer is an player. the second one (_this select 0) == civilian) if an civilian was killed. if both of them are true my script should be executed. That works... but accidentally the trigger fires when the player killes 2 blufor units.... and that is weird. I dont get why the script does this??? mayby i miss something important?
  8. Flightcaptain93

    [SOLVED] addMissionEventHandler

    if someone (from the players, blufor) is killing a civilian the mission should end as lose. -> that is working the mission also end as lose if someone is teamkilling (blufor). You can kill the first teammate and nothing will happen, but if you kill the second one the mission end also as lose? <- thats my problem...
  9. _civkilled = addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled",{if (((_this select 1) == player) && (side (_this select 0) == civilian)) then {[[], "ray_lose_fnc", true, true] call BIS_fnc_MP; [[(_this select 1)], "ray_killer_fnc", true, true] call BIS_fnc_MP; }else{}; }]; I have this type of code... it works correctly. But if i kill the second teammate in the group of the player (blufor) the trigger fires... Thanks :)
  10. Flightcaptain93

    execVM Multiple Times

    Thanks it worked out :) yeah sorry I got a little bit of false understanding... english isnt my mother language. But it worked after i read it correctly :) thanks
  11. Flightcaptain93

    execVM Multiple Times

    okay i did this but i get still the error that _car is not defined in the line after the ray_traffic_fnc; [_car] call ray_traffic_fnc; //here the _car is spawned and get the information from the car _driver = driver _car; /// <---- here is the script error that _car isnt defined...
  12. Flightcaptain93

    execVM Multiple Times

    Thanks :) i removed that
  13. Flightcaptain93

    execVM Multiple Times

    After i switchet the car variable to a local one. _car. The variable _car is first called in my ray_traffic_fnc where the car is spawned... is it possible to give the information about _car into the part of the script after the ray_traffic_fnc?? because now i get the error that the variable _car is not defined... call ray_traffic_fnc; _driver = driver car;