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  1. Francois_L

    Malden DLC 2035 - Official Feedback Post

    Yeah, I spend most of my time in the editor-- just make up a scenario wherever randomly placed. Height advantage almost too easy if placed from the start. Taking positions up there... That will be fun!
  2. Francois_L

    Malden DLC 2035 - Official Feedback Post

    Heh. He can levitate too... (After having walked through rocks, injured his legs, and then taken too much morphine.) Anyway, thanks for replies. I take it "known issue" is known all too well. ; )
  3. Francois_L

    Malden DLC 2035 - Official Feedback Post

    Don't want to create a ticket for something so minor. Happy to have a new map! Reminds me of hill country in central Texas. That said, if I take cover here, or AI does-- don't want to get killed, or be able to shoot baddies if some rocks/boulders are... 'decorative' the right word? Known issue?
  4. Francois_L

    Game Hangs & CTD after 1.66 update

    @recymech Maybe just a bad DL? Hadn't thought about Battle-eye since usually off-line in SP. Variation on your suggestion worked though. Renamed files from December 2nd & that made steam repair itself. Took a bit of time, but second download working now. Thanks for the tip --François --- PS: @Boss-Starstreams Looks like mine defaults at 2432 MB, but I do a lot of work in Adobe CS-6. Glad you got it sorted out.
  5. Sorry for late reply. Been on vacation. @jarrad96 'Insurance' very useful mod, but finally gave up on vehicles. Running into trees or walls a bit silly. AI is interesting here also. Frustrated, I put a demo charge next to offending jeep that was stuck again. Had no idea how powerful it was. Killed most of friendly team & surviving rifleman shot me on the spot! That's good to know you can't go around killing or sacrificing your own men. Sometimes they'll radio back "unable" which adds to the realism. : ) Enemy AI & radios might explain why some units (let's say nearby Red-2) will leave positions & attack rather than wait in ambush. Pretty cool. @lucius esox Heh. Games 30 years from now... VR catsuits-- you're really in it except for loud explosions? ; ) @pooroldspike Like the avatar. Looks familiar. Wasn't that from an old Squad Leader expansion? Anyway appreciate invitation. Eventually e-mail, but right now game isn't stable... ----- To avoid OT: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/199803-game-hangs-ctd-after-166-update/ ----- Thanks again for everyone's replies. I'd hesitated to post at all based on some remarks at another place, but I'm glad I did.
  6. Hi everyone, Title says it all I'm afraid. : ( Anyone else having trouble with game being unstable after update to 1.66? Problems seem random which makes it difficult. --- a.) Sometimes maps in editor are just a black screen. 50-50 chance: sometimes can exit editor & game; other times it's hung. b.) hangs in the middle of editing a scenario, or playing it through editor. c.) also hangs in campaign or subscribed SP mission. "Hangs" = no mouse, no ability to use keyboard or tab over in Task Manager to force Arma3 to close. alt+ctrl+del --> blue screen & can get system to shut down or restart but that's all. : / ===== 1.) Any suggestions to get game stable again? 2.) Can you roll back the update if download was via steam & no actual media? "Delete Local Game Content" - have never tried this. Would just DL version 1.66 again? ===== Things I've tried. 1.) Verify cache. (Steam downloaded one file) 2.) Disable mod(s.) Doesn't seem to make any difference. 3.) defrag ---> maybe a bit faster load but makes no diff. ======= sys info if helps: CPU: i7 RAM: 16G Card: GTX 1070 - (driver is up to date as of posting) Win-10 (build: 10586.679)
  7. @jarrad96 Didn't notice your edit of earlier post where active duty friend got back to you. Glad to know tactics or 'doctrines' I remember aren't completely out of date. ; ) Vehicle AI running over its own infantry: might sound long, but maybe a little background will help clarify. What we're trying to do is have 'recapturing' a land rover from rebels as an initial objective. Kind of a reward & allows exploring map inside game. Then we can setup other ambush sites, etc. (Share files via cloud, so between us-- never know what to expect in a town, possible choke point, etc.) Wish I had a recording or screen shot, but didn't think of it. Anyway, entered town & took fire. Vickers & M2 gunners made short work of closest ones. Meanwhile, AI leader orders two soldiers to dismount. They immediately go prone on the road. Vehicle AI backs up to presumably get a shot at the remaining sniper. In doing so, 'friendly' AI seems to have clipped, or run over one of it's own men. Fratricide? I don't think the sniper had a clear shot at prone infantry behind a row of buildings, but that's the only other explanation that comes to mind. Grenadier picked off by enemy sniper & vehicle backing up at same time was just a coincidence. Anyway, that's good to know about staying concealed & flashlights or NVG having 'radio contact' & alerting others. In Apex, one group of four must have been in 'careless' or 'safe' mode in going down a road single file... Satisfying to setup bi-pod & full auto behind them. Before that, would probably have picked them off at range with scope. : ) @Lucius That's great! Pleasure to 'meet' you as it were. Got me curious, and found some AH games in the attic. Squad Leader, Cross of Iron, Panzer Leader, Panzer-Blitz... great stuff! Don't want to get too nostalgic on you, but was also very pleased to find some 15 & 25mm miniatures along with a big 70mm of MacBeth. Thought to myself, "Wow... I painted those? No way I'd have the eyes to do that now!" : 0 ! So I owe you one I guess. Proverbial beverage of choice. If you hadn't posted about Napoleonic & AH games, would've never have checked. Now 'toy soldiers' are in a nice display case. :) Kind regards, François
  8. Francois_L

    A Question About AI (In Vehicles) Following Roads

    I'm having trouble with this too-- esp. on maps with plenty of obstacles like Tanoa & Vietnam 'Da Krong.' If 'Vcom_Driving" does anything, I haven't learned to use it correctly. No additional options that I could find. Like OP, only thing seems to work is quite a few way-points to negotiate curves in roads. All goes well on uncluttered maps such as 'Takistan.' Combat, and vehicle AI seems to 'panic' and do silly things. Maybe some screenshots can explain better than I can. This would have to be scripted? "Get IsInFriendlyLineOfFire" Get IsPathClear" (whatever the syntax) or is it even possible? Not sure what's going on here. If he runs too fast to get in & vehicle is already moving, he gets killed? Tried "Ineptaphid's" suggestion, but in this scenario, AI driver 'floors it' for no reason. There is no enemy for another 800m. WP = "move" & behavior = "safe" Suggestions so vehicle AI doesn't do this when ambushed, or start moving before escorting infantry have chance to get back in? --- PS: Don't know 'etiquette' for images here. Let know if clickable thumbnails preferred, attachments, etc. : )
  9. @jarrad96 Thanks again. Really appreciate the tips you & others have given me. If you're ever stateside, beverage of your choice. ; ) Suggestion made a real difference in Apex campaign which I'd thought was a bit of a stretch. Have a suppressor, scope & NVGs and I'm *still* getting pinned down & picked off. Setting you suggested seems much more realistic as they'd probably just blindly fire into the darkness while other elements attempt to circle & locate. Second mission, if they don't have a clear shot, just fire I might be? Also seems much better. ; ) Vehicle AI: "VCOM AI Driving Mod" any good? Nice clip at armaholic, but modded AI might still takes turns too fast & crashes into buildings. Also noticed his demo didn't involve combat. What was disappointing in a scenario I made, was AI driver seemed to 'panic.' In trying to get his vehicle's HMG into position to take out enemy sniper, he clipped & killed the grenadier! He's kind of important since haven't learned how to set up calling in 105mm or OCAS yet. ; ) @road runner & willithappen Yep. Burying people makes you think, and heck I'm only 51. Now I might have a clue about how the "Great Generation" must feel.
  10. Francois_L

    Has Steam Workshop store Arma 3

    I mean no disrespect, and am not trolling, just asking. Fill me in. Wasn't this sort of thing settled back in April with "Skyrim" and hundreds of modders & players bashing Valve until they backtracked? I see no problem with donating as long as it's not annoying like on Nexus. "You haven't endorsed the following mods..." A great example of how it should be done might be Enderal, a total conversion mod for Skyrim. IMO, it's better than Beth approved DLCs! Doesn't cost a dime, and at SureAI, you have to ask or find a tiny button on their homepage (not on the forum) that takes you to PP. i.e. It's not in your face. "Donate! Donate! Donate!" Modding is a hobby. I'm fortunate to have 3D-Max & CS-6 so I can do meshes-- not just textures and CPU heavy scripts. I don't take money. Start taking money and people start getting pissed. "You ruined my game!" Really? Did you bother with the readme file? "B-a-c-k- u-p Y-o-u-r G-a-m-e" Suddenly it's not fun anymore. OK, so what's this have to do with Arma & Steam? Since it's BI's engine, don't they have every right to prohibit people demanding money for mods that would be useless without the game itself? If a mod really helps me enjoy this sim (and users here have pointed me to at least three) be happy to support if authors are amenable. :) But paying up-front for a user mod? " Pas intéressé."
  11. Thanks again for replies. Hadn't really expected any, but will take all the advice I can get. ; ) Playing campaign or user made missions sounds like sage advice. Unfortunately, both of us are stuck in Arma-3 campaign because it wants to freeze shortly after "signal lost" where you have to cross a checkpoint. (Or more likely, we're missing something.) If Apex Protocol (single player) is any indication, we're definitely not ready for MP. : 0 ! Can take bandits out at first location, but simply too many at second target-- "New York" if remember correctly. They do give you a vehicle, so we're guessing that must be part of the strategy. Hate to keep referring to flight sims, but learning curve is what I like about Arma so far. Took about a year to survive campaign or MP in Falcon 3 (set at realistic flight model, avionics, etc.) Am guessing Arma will probably take about as long to get any good at it. Right now at regular difficulty, AI can pick us off at 400m with iron sights or RCO. That's almost BVR... Dang! As for server, hadn't thought of that. User friendly, or more for IT folks? Tweaking Windows 10 & setting up home network about the limits of my ability. Best Edit: Just occurred to me about vehicle AI. An update claims to have fixed things like running into trees & walls, but still happens when making scenarios in Editor. Worse... AI driver will hit his own infantry! They are driving a Range Rover or an aptly named KIA? Is there a way to suggest improvements, or dev's already well aware of this issue?
  12. @jarrad96 Haven't figured out how to make a FOB, but thanks for tip about ALiVE. Looks like another good one. Is the idea of digging in or fortifying a position out of date? Military Science & college ROTC was 30 years ago. Surely they'd have sandbags or something. Not sure I understand about Arma2 & building a base, but ended up getting one of those package deals with Arma Cold War, and Arma2 with some DLCs. Perhaps option will come later? Played 1st mission, but keyboard a bit different, so went back to Arma3 editor. All of them definitely worth price of admission tho. :) @djotacon PVP I can guess, but had never heard of KOTH until I looked it up. Sounds like that's one we don't need. Trolls... Cheaters... Rats... Children (chronological age irrelevant-- some people never seem to grow up) Thanks for the warning. Reassuring to know there are other people around who just want the reward & satisfaction of a pulling off a challenging mission. Best
  13. Thanks for replies. @ineptaphid Very good suggestions! Plenty of goodies in "Unsung" for Indo-China & Algerian conflicts. (Since of French Canadian descent, enjoy scenarios for those theaters.) Unless my imagination, ASR_AI *really* a game changer. Enemy seems to try to flank & counterattack now! Enemies still don't seem to provide covering fire for their comrades, but probably just as well. If they did that, would get slaughtered. ; ) @jarrad96 Will keep Air Cav Vietnam in mind too. That's interesting about play styles. From flight sims--esp. Falcon-- we were pretty serious about it with HOTAS rigs, pedals, NATO brevity codes, etc. Didn't have a command or rank system though. Newcomers either learned it's not a good idea to go off by yourself & might be good idea to follow advice, or they got shot down. Probably silly question, but assume TFAR or ACRE are comm mods? Every sim-- esp. military one will have its alphabet soup I suppose. @milosv123344 Will check out RHS, but not sure I understand about VTN. Right mouse is remapped by RHS so you need VTN, or it improves zooming in? Brings up a question about programming 4 button trackball (Kensington Expert Mouse) but better not multi-thread. ; ) As for Arma 2-- real King Solomon decision. Maybe get it & see which one we like the best. How's the editor for Arma-2? @Beagle Join date of 2001. Wow... You should have a longevity ribbon or something under your avator. : ) (Newcomer FAQ: What do those ribbons under member names mean anyway?) CTI = capture the island? In doing a little homework, one site mentions building factories for more advanced vehicles & so on. So Arma 2 has a strategic element to it that Arma 3 might not have? If so, perfect excuse to try them both. ; ) Thanks again everyone, for replies, tips & advice.
  14. As title implies, wondering if I might be facing a generation gap, and have a few questions. A little background first to let members here know where I'm coming from. Am not boasting or anything. Friend & I are in our 50's, and growing up, we played 'sandbox' games in the literal sense-- Napoleonic miniatures. Then came 'cardboard' games like "Squad Leader." Favorite PC games were sims like Falcon 3.0 & IL-2 IL-2 Sturmovik. We got fragging out of our system while playing Doom II for Windows 3.11... So on to the questions. 1.) Is multi-player safe, or a hacker's paradise? (Am thinking of the old Diablo & B-net) On steam, do most players take the sim seriously, or just there for laughs? (Lobbing grenades at comrades, shooting them in the back, etc.) 2.) Historical mods for Arma-3 or cut losses & go with Arma-2? Can't seem to find cold war, or Vietnam era vehicles for Arma-3. Everything seems to come up as Arma-2. For scenarios, need vehicles such as: M151 'jeep', M-113, M-48, BMP-1, BTR-60, T-54/55... Arma-3 has mods for them, or SoL? Same might apply to weapons. Arma-3 seems to have 21st century or futuristic weapons. Suppose that's a matter of taste, but in making my own scenarios, was hoping to find a mod that might offer M-16 (without bolt assist) M-60 LMG, & M-79 along with their Soviet made counterparts. (One mod did have rail version of M-60, but no bi-pod, etc. Not the one used in Vietnam) 3.) Game mechanics & AI. Still learning to use the editor, so hope it's just me. Does the AI have much of a 'bound / over-watch' algorithm? (While one actor or actors are moving, the others give suppressing fire or are ready to do so.) Does it have a kind of 'morale' setting? (Militia or recruits will break and run; elite or fanatical units will fight even when surrounded, etc.) Notice waypoint attributes have a place for 'scripted.' Is it possible to program ideas like this? Surrounded, out of ammo, cover the guys dashing across street, etc. Thanks for reading
  15. Hi everyone, As topic suggests, having problem at this point in campaign. 1.) Is the game supposed to go straight from "Adapt" into "Common Enemy" ? This seems kind of bogus. I spent a lot of time on "Adapt" figuring out what to do. Finally taking out the enemy CP was very satisfying! So imagine my disappointment at not seeing my stats. : / 2.) Gameplay & Info. Am playing vanilla & verified steam files OK. Even ran defrag. Revert to "Adapt" again and play through until get to hill. Same thing as first time. Fades to black & "12 hours later..." Drive truck *slowly* - staying on road & not hitting anything-- even a bunnie. Reaches checkpoint & guerilla leader gets out, talks to guard & returns. And nothing. Can still look around, toggle inventory, so don't think it's frozen. Drive truck off the road. "Fail. You have been compromised." Thought I had "Adapt" figured out, but hoping I overlooked something. Really want to see stats from this mission. Long & short. Glitch, or I missed something in town, or during night time hike to truck? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.