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  1. Hi everybody, (First of all, sorry if my english is bad) I'm currently searching for a script / mod for skiing in A3. I found some stuff on the forum but nothing really conclusive. If some of you have some ideas ! Have a good day =)
  2. Marco674

    In Game Menu

    I looked the map and its something like that, but is it possible to, at the last "continue" button ,make this button close the hint and also open a teamspeak invite web page (with href or something like that ) ?
  3. Marco674

    In Game Menu

    Thanks i will see, and write here later :)
  4. Hi, I want to script something but i am not really good at coding, First of all i want that when the player connect the menu will open automatically, and in this menu he can click to buttons that go to my team website, read all the rules, and when he click on close the menu button it open a web page of invite.teamspeak ? Did you think this is possible ? And if yes can some good peoples help me ? :) ps : sorry for my english i'm french
  5. Marco674

    Vehicle Respawn Module

    Same problem here, Any ideas ?
  6. Hi i actually got some issues, When the server is started for maybe 3-4 hours the red zones are enemy free and instantly get green when ou go inside . Any ideas ? thx
  7. HI, I have a question, I have a public server, and i want to use TaskForceRadio on it, but i also want people who dont have taskforce to be able to join the server and not beeing kicked because they dont have tfar. If you have an idea tell me :) Thx