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  1. Fallujah: Operation Phantom Fury, 2004 US Army AH-64D Apache helicopters move for a CAS mission during the early days of the operation, 8th November. 2004 Soldiers from 3/5 Marines advance through Jolan district's streets, 9th November, 2004 3/1 Marines infantry, 10th November, 2004
  2. North Caucasus A russian FSB team is deployed somewhere in the Northern Caucasus region, as intel reported the location of a Wilayat Al-Qawkaz (Islamic State in North Caucasus) high rank leader. RHS AFRF, VSM Uniforms, VSM Helmets and Vests, VSM Accesories
  3. GRU 10th Spetsnaz Brigade A team of GRU Spetsnaz has been deployed on northern Altis for a counter-insurgency operation against a local insurgent high rank man. The operatives wear the typical Gorka clothes for cold weather, and modern vests and bags. RHS AFRF, VSM Uniforms, VSM Vests and Helmets, VSM Accesories
  4. Russian GRU operatives in a counter-insurgency mission in the Northern Caucasus, 2016. RHS AFRF, RHS USAF, VSM Helmets and Vests, VSM Accesories, CUP Terrains
  5. "Suvorov Brigade" Ultranationalism has risen in Russia as radical communist movements grew a year ago, and now a revolution has been declared by the leader of the New Communist Party of Russia (NKPR), Vladimir Blagonravov, making thousands of armed men occupy important cities of the country. After weeks of intense combats against the ultranationalists in the Uitsk region, the Russian 3rd Motorized Rifles Division tries to breach the enemy defensive lines and the small focuses of resistance in occupied areas. The russians launched yesterday night an offensive against the "Suvorov" Brigade, an ultranationalist light infantry brigade deployed some kilometres to the west of the main city of the region, and it has been a success, making the enemy forces fall back some kilometres to the ultranationalist-held district center of Beketov. Russian 3rd Motorized Rifles Division platoon attacks rebel positions in Uitsk region. The russian government forces assault an enemy held village in western Uitsk. The Army has successfully occupied the village.
  6. British Army soldiers in patrol in Helmand valley, Afghanistan CUP Terrains, 3CB Equipment, weapons and vehicles
  7. British soldiers in a village in northern Ireland, 2004 CUP Terrains, 3CB Equipment and Weapons Packs
  8. US 75th Rangers during combats in Kunduz region, 2016 USP Patches, RHS USAF, TRYK Gear Pack, Kunduz, SMA Weapons Pack, LBT 6094 Vests Pack
  9. US Delta Force operators wait for evacuation in a valley of Kunar province, Afghanistan, 2005 RHS USAF, Military Gear Pack, TRYK Uniforms Pack, CUP Terrains, Clafghan
  10. U.S Navy DEVGRU operatives of the Task Force Atlas in an island of the Mediterranean Sea searching for a hidden war criminal. RHS Mod (Both), Project OPFOR, LBT 6094 Vests Addon, TRYK Gear Pack, USP Patches, Spec4Gear Mod
  11. Just making some test doing HALO from 30,000 meters with a Navy DEVGRU operator RHS Mod, Spec4Gear Mod, TRYK Gear Pack, LBT 6094 Vests Mod
  12. Russian Federation soldier in combat in South Zagoria RHS AFRF Mod, TRYK Gear Pack, USP Patches Pack
  13. 15 U.S MARSOC operatives deployed in Kavala hospital during Operation Scavenger, 2017 RHS USAF Mod
  14. A DEVGRU team raids the harbor of an african country searching for an important somalian warlord. RHS USAF Mod Russian peacekeeping forces deployed in South Zagoria move to raid the town of Elektrozavodsk. RHS AFRF Mod, CUP Terrains