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  1. I'm trying to join a server and I join successfully. When I load in the game, I either almost instantly get kicked or get kicked after a dozen seconds or so. I've: - Re-installed Arma 3 twice - Deleted the mission file to the server (didn't fix) - Restarted Router - Flushed DNS - Deleted Addons and verified integrity - Manually re-installed Battleye - Deleted Mods - Restarted PC - Bought a new copy on a separate account I bought a new copy of Arma 3 after I was tired of this issue, only for it to persists. Knowing this is client-sided, I still can't verify the issue. Most recent RPT file: http://pastebin.com/92gxtTUC
  2. Not too sure but they shouldn't be too bad.
  3. Cleared the folders and verified, issue hasn't been resolved. :/
  4. Allah Akbar

    Arma 3 sudden FPS drop after installing apex

    I've had lag issues with Apex as well.
  5. Allah Akbar

    Getting kicked from servers

    i have the same exact issue. I've re-installed Arma 3 twice, and I've even bought the game again on a different account and it didn't seem to fix the issue...